Saturday, Jan 18, 2020

HURT 100

2131 Makiki Heights Drive

Honolulu, HI HURT 100 Miler, 20 Mile Legacy Run

This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 18, 2020

HURT 100

Saturday, January 16, 2021 (06:00) - Sunday, January 17, 2021 (18:00). Minor hills above the city of Honolulu (island of O‘ahu, state of Hawai‘i).

Event Overview:

100 miles over 5 laps (partial out and backs) in a semi-tropical rain forest.

24,500 feet of cumulative elevation gain (and 24,500 feet of cumulative loss) over the course of 100

99% single-track trails, 1% asphalt.

Moderately packed soil, generously interspersed with roots, rocks, puddles, and mud wallows. Narrow trails through forest, along exposed ridges, and past vertical embankments.

20 stream crossings (four per lap).

Three aid stations per lap.

36-hour time limit.

The HURT 100 is a pre-registration event with a lottery. There are no charges incurred to the runner to enter the lottery.
Annually the HURT 100 receives in excess of 500 plus applicants for the 125 slots. Selection of the 125 entrants is via a weighted lottery based upon the questions posed on Ultrasignup.

Please read the book of HURT at to determine if this event is for you.

Eight hours of trail work is required with form submitted by 11/15/20. If your name is on the list at, you are good to go. If your name is not on the list, you need to get after it.

HURT 100 Trail Work Requirement

For those accepted into the HURT 100, 8 hours of trail work is required to be submitted prior to 11/15/20 to verify your entry slot. If not completed by 11/15/20 you will be removed from the event, partial refund made, and a wait listed runner will be selected for your vacated slot. Details of the trail work requirement can be found at Additionally trail work requirements and the refund policy can be found in the Book of HURT at For those who have already downloaded and completed their trail work forms, please submit your form promptly to

Frequently asked Questions on the trail work requirement can be found at

We will maintain a list of trail work completed file by runner as we move forward and update every other week. The list for those who have completed the work can be found at

Local time: 4:05 AM


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