December 28 - January 7, 2020
This Event Took Place Tue. Jan 7, 2020

"Run in" the New Year!

Across The Years is a fixed-time multiday running event celebrating the New Year!  Runners have 24, 48, 72 hours or 6 days to cover as much distance as possible.  A true 'go as you please' style race, each runner is free to walk, stop, eat, and sleep whenever they wish, but the clock is always running!

Race Information

More information is located on our Across The Years website! Information on the website includes: course map, race day schedules, pacer & crew information, race perks, and more.

Race entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. For other options, please check out our Race Withdrawal Policy.

Across the Decade 10 Day Edition

10 Day Race Says WHAT?! That's right! This year, starting December 28, we celebrate the decades and traditions of pedestrianism and fixed-time racing with a festival of running that will last 10 days!

The 10 day event will feature the traditional 6-day race along with the 24 hour, 48 hour, and 72 hour races. In addition to these events we have added a 10 day race, multiple marathon challenges, a Last Person Standing event, relays, a virtual race, and for those who want just a taste of the fixed-time life, a 6 hour and 12 hour weekend event. Details are listed below!

24 HR Virtual Race for Charity!

No excuses this year! This running festival is for everyone, across the nation, across the world! Join us in the New Year's celebration from wherever you may be with the first edition of the Across the World 24-Hour Virtual Race! This is a 24-hour race starting in your time zone at 9am December 31st and ending 9am January 1st. The race will benefit one of these three charity partners, (of which you’ll get to choose the one your entry supports). This year we have partnered with three incredible organizations dedicated to making the world a better place through their efforts. Do your part and ring in the New Year with a run and a donation to one of these three partners:

VETPAW: The goal of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife is to help end the African poaching crisis and conserve endangered species.

Girls on the Run: Dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center: SWCC rescues native wild animals that have lost their homes to development, or are found injured, orphaned, or abandoned. When possible, the animals in our care are rehabilitated and released — healthy and wild — back where they belong. Learn more about our 2019-2020 Charity Partners by visiting our website

10 Race & Challenges

We've designed a 10 Day variety pack of options (because 10 days of running just isn't enough; we had to dig deep for more crazy).

10 Day Marathon Challenge – 10 days, 10 marathons
You’ll receive 10 separate marathon results, but awards will be based on total accumulative time (cash prize if you break the world record)

10 Day Ultra-Challenge – 10 days, 10 50ks
You’ll receive 10 separate 50k results, but awards will be based on total accumulative time

10 Day 550KM Evolution (No more 'as YOU please' -each day run the prescribed distance to work your way through pain and glory: Day 1 – 10KM, Day 2 – 20KM… up to Day 10 – 100KM for a total of 550KM over 10 Days

10 Day 550 Mile Evolution (For the champion's champion-an ULTRA challenge for the best). Day 1 – 10 Miles, Day 2 – 20 Miles… up to Day 10 – 100 Miles for a total of 550 Miles over 10 Days.

Fixed Distances

Don’t like the concept of racking up miles with your finish line determined by the clock? Fine. We’ll concede…

Fixed distance 200 Mile race – starts Friday January 3rd at 10AM – giving runners 95 hours to complete the mileage

Fixed distance 100 Mile race – starts Saturday January 4th at 8am – giving runners 73 hours to complete the mileage

New Year, New Bling?

24 Hr Relays

On Saturday January 4th we’re hosting a 24-hour 2, 3, or 4-person relay! Teams will compete over 24 hours. One runner on course at a time and your team must pass a baton with your team’s timing chip attached to the current on-course runner.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Don't know what fixed-time racing is about? What's the appeal? Historically, the 24-hour has been the shortest fixed-time event at Across the Years. This year we’re adding a 12-hour and 6-hour race on Sunday January 5th for those who want a piece, albeit a small piece, of the action! We dare you to try it!

Last Person Standing

Inspired by Laz's Last Man Standing format, this event goes one step further.
Participants will set out on one lap of the Across The Year's course around Camelback Ranch every 15 minutes. Runners must start together from a common corral at the start of each 15 minute time increment and cross the start / finish line of the loop before the 15 minutes is up.
The event will continue until there is only one person left. This ultimate test of mental and physical endurance is designed so that anyone can win, all they need to do is keep up about a 15 minute per mile pace longer than anyone else. This is sure to be one of the most exciting components to participate in and spectate of this year's ATY!
Starting at noon on Friday January 3rd, race til you drop!


Across the Years is held at the beautiful Camelback Ranch located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Camelback Ranch is a state-of-the-art spring training facility for the Los Angles Dodgers and the Chicago White Sox.  It opened in March 2009, and features lush greenery, a lake with waterfall, and smooth dirt and gravel walking paths.  The race route is a 1.05 mile loop consisting of 90% dirt paths and 10% asphalt.  The track averages ten feet in width, with a minimum width of 6 feet. Gaiters are recommended.  The facility is only a few miles away from the Westgate City Center, home of the University of Phoenix stadium, shopping, and other attractions.

New TEAM option!

We award the best team finish to the highest combined mileage in each of the races (24, 48, 72, 6day). Teams are comprised of two runners. Sign-up and make sure you push each to collectively reach the highest goal! (Note: No double dipping- i.e. individual runners who win top three in any race are automatically removed from consideration in the team award category). Register your team here or on our website. Team Signup

Around the Clock

Want to kick off your New Year with more of a challenge?

The "Around the Clock" challenge gives participants in the fixed-time races another opportunity to earn a unique award along with all the bragging rights! We challenge any participant to record at least one lap per hour for the duration of their event. For example, a runner in the 24-hour event would run or walk a
minimum of one lap for each hour in the 24 hours they are competing. The same principle
applies to all fixed time events at ATY (including the 6 day: 1 lap every hour for 144's been done). Complete this challenge and earn a custom token of
achievement! Runner’s be weary, this challenge is more difficult than you may think!

Local time: 4:24 AM


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