Saturday, Nov 30, 2019

NCR Marathon

1500 Glencoe Rd.

Sparks, MD Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 30, 2019

Welcome to the NCR Marathon and NCR Half Marathon 2020 Virtual Edition!!!!

Welcome to the NCR Marathon and NCR Half Marathon 2020 Style!!!!

Welcome to the 2020 version of the NCR Marathon and Half Marathon!!!! Due to safety concerns during
the pandemic we are unable to offer a “live” event this year, but we have heard you loud and clear and
are offering a way for you to still run a version of our great race. For some, the flexibility of this version
will be much appreciated, especially for those out-of-towners who wish they could be here but can’t.
Here’s how this will work: You have the option of registering for one or both distances, the full marathon or the half
marathon, and your choice of two one-week time frames to complete the distance. The
distance must be completed in one continuous effort with no time limit anytime during the one-week time
frame you select. You may run anywhere you like as long as you are permitted to run where you select.
So no, we are not saying you can run 26.2 or 13.1 miles on the grounds of the White House, Fort Knox,
or Area 51. You will then upload your results.

There will be separate medals this year for each distance. For the hardy ( or foolhardy ), if you sign up
for each distance and complete each distance during separate continuous efforts, you will receive both
medals and the admiration of your peers.

Medals, shirts and masks will be available for pick up at Falls Road Running from mid-December through
the end of January or can be mailed for $20.

For those of you who run the race as an annual event, this is a way to keep the streak going! For those
who would like to be here but aren’t travelling at this time, this is a great way to run the race anyway!!!

Scholarship Support!!!!!

The NCR Marathon and Half Marathon support our annual scholarships. This year we are allocating a
minimum of $20/entry to our scholarship fund. Your participation in this virtual event will help provide a
scholarship to a deserving young athlete. Additional donations are encouraged and welcome. We
appreciate your support.


Swag this year will be the finisher's medal, a shirt and a face mask. (We are currently reserving the blanket for the live race which we hope to return to next year)

Swag can be picked up starting in mid-December ( We'll send an email once it's there ) through the end of January at Falls Road Running, 6247 Falls Rd., Baltimore, MD 21209

Start Times and Time Limits

You may run your chosen distance ( or both!! ) any day or time between 11/26/20 and 12/13/20. There is no time limit for either distance but you must complete the distance in one continuous effort. For those choosing to do both distances you can do both distances in the same day if you like but they need to be SEPARATE EFFORTS. You must upload your time by midnight 12/13/2020.


The course is whatever and wherever you choose it to be as long as you are legally able to be on that course. Area 51, The rose garden at the White House, NORAD, that place where they keep the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant, and the Vatican Library are off limits to the vast majority of us and would be poor choices for your race. The NCR trail remains open to the public and if you choose to run your race there please be mindful of others using the trail. The ground of Oldfields School is strictly off limits!!!!

The Oldfields School is STRICTLY OFF LIMITS

ANY part of the Oldfields property is strictly off limits and you may not enter the school grounds or the private school roads for any reason. Glencoe Road in front of the school property is a public road and you can use your best judgement as you would on any public road if you wish to run there. BUT the school is off limits. Anyone found to trespass in person or by the school security system will not be allowed to participate in all future races by the Baltimore Road Runners Club. Please help us in this regard, as failure to follow this directive would jeopardize our ability to hold future races. Thank You!

Local time: 9:39 PM


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