Friday, Jun 14, 2019

Hypnosis Night Rides

Avondale, AZ 9.5 Miler Bike, 6hrs Bike, 6Hrs - 2 Per Relay Bike, 3hrs Bike

This Event Took Place Fri. Jun 14, 2019

Hypnosis Night Mountain Bike Races

JUNE 19, 2020
6 Hour | 3 Hour | 7 Mile Solo
6 Hour Duo
Mountain Bike Races
Estrella Mountain Regional Park
Avondale, AZ

Experience the magic of night trail riding in the sonoran desert at the Hypnosis Night Trail Rides held on a rolling 7 mile loop at Estrella Mountain Regional Park. Join us at the Estrella Mountain Regional Park for a fun ride!

This is the third race in the 2020 Insomniac Night Trail Ride Series with events across the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. Join us and "Carpe Noctem" to "seize the night"!

Course Info

Course Summary
Hypnosis is the third race in the Insomniac Night Trail Ride Series. All races will be held on the same 7 mile loop and repeated as many times as you'd like in your respective race.

The loop is comprised of the Butterfield, Gadsden, Goldwater and Toothaker Trails.

Riders will experience a variety of conditions and challenges while looping under the night sky.

Local time: 12:38 PM


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