Saturday, Sep 14, 2019 @ 8:00 AM
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The Event

For most runners, traveling to this race involves a ferry ride and a drive down US 101. It’s hard to get more Northwest than that — unless, of course, you throw in a run through big, damp mountains and some IPAs.

Welcome to the Olympic Mountains, a celebration of running in the Northwest.

50K Course

You’ll start at a retired rock quarry at 2,600’ above sea level and grind your way to 5,800’. The high point of the course, a turn-around at the Buckhorn Wilderness boundary, offers huge views across the eastern slope of the Olympic range. Along the way, you’ll be treated to pines, rhododendrons, moss, a river named after a crab, and peaks still holding traces of snow.

The loop boasts 8,800' of climbing and is 74% single-track trail.

50M Course

The 50M starts at the same rock quarry as the 50K at 2,600’. They share the same high-point, too, of 5,802’.However, the 50M travels down to the Dungeness River before taking runners on one of the biggest climbs of any 50M in the country — a 4,609’ grind over 12.4 miles.

Overall, the 50M has approximately 14,000' of climb.


50K: $90.00
50M: $110.00

Prices will not increase as race day approaches.

UTMB Points

For 2020, the events will carry the following UTMB points:

50K: 3 points
50M: 4 points


Patagonia Capilene shirts are available for sale with the Olympics race emblem printed on the front. They are snazzy.

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To learn more about the events, please visit 50K or 50M.

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