Friday, Sep 28, 2007

The Bear

1400 East 350 South

Logan, UT 100 Miler

This Event Took Place Fri. Sep 28, 2007


Registration is now closed. We hope all on the waitlist will get in but probably not. Come join us next year.


Here is the way the waitlist went down in 2022.
Starting in Feb we had ~400 on the waitlist
February: 2 were added into the race, 19 withdrew from WL
March: 4 were added into the race, 7 withdrew from WL
April: 7 added into the race, 7 withdrew from WL
May: 9 added into the race, 33 withdrew from WL
June: 10 added into the race, 8 withdrew from WL
July: 19 added into the race, 50 withdrew from WL
Aug: 41 added into the race, 190 withdrew from WL
Sept: 5 added into the race, 7 withdrew from WL

Totals: 321 withdrew
97 added into race
An un-named individual was in position #316 on Feb 6th and was invited into the race on Aug 23rd.

Past performance doesn't guarantee future behavior. But, it is pretty obvious that the waitlist moves very quickly in July and August. I recommend planning on running because you will most likely be given the invitation to run. Most people don't think they will be given a chance and make other plans. Don't be that guy/or gal. *Reminder you aren't charged until you ACCEPT off the waitlist. You are given 48 hours to accept before moving to the next person on the list.


We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary! The Bear 100 is a cool, Autumn point to point 100 Mile race. It is a beautiful run through the Pines, Golden Aspen and Red Maples of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest of Utah, the Bear River Range of Utah & Idaho and finishing at Bear Lake.
The Bear 100 is a Hardrock and Western States 100 qualifier and is an UTMB index race.


You must complete a 50 miler in under 16 hours or complete any 100K, 100 or 200 Miler under the cutoff before running The Bear 100. You can register without the qualifier being completed at the risk of losing your registration if you fail to complete the qualifier before The Bear 100. This is a challenging mountain race. Race management also reserves the right to deny entry to anyone for any reason.

Event's current local time: 11:01 AM MT


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