Saturday, Oct 19, 2019 @ 7:00 AM

Saddle2Surf 100/50

2191 Fifth Street, Suite 211

Norco, CA 100 Miler, 50 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 19, 2019

It's Back!

Remember that 100-mile run that went from Norco to Santa Monica? ...this is it!

• New name.
• New-ish route.
• A fun stop at a local 100 Mile Club® School to run with the very kids you are supporting.

Running for a reason is cool. Join us!

The Saddle2Surf Story

The 2019 Saddle2Surf 100/50 Mile Run began in 2010 as the 100 Mile Endurance Challenge, a race to support the mission, vision, schools, and children of the 100 Mile Club. Since then, it took a little break, went through a few course changes and has reemerged as the Saddle2Surf 100/50.

Back with a new name and slightly new route, and carrying the same mission, vision, and spirit as always: This run is dedicated to supporting and promoting the 100 Mile Club, and helping the next generation of runners become Healthy, Happy, and mile at a time. This is an old-school 100 mile, point-to-point urban 100-mile run. And it is all for our kids.

The challenge? Run 100 miles from Norco to the Santa Monica Pier, or 50 miles from Norco to Huntington Beach. Either way your run will begin in Norco, CA (AKA Horsetown USA) and finish right on the beautiful California coast. On this run, you will experience the beauty and the beast that is Southern California.

Saddle2Surf 100/50 is open to 100 incredible runners.

Registration and FUNDracing

Saddle2Surf is an ultramarathon...there is a time limit, but we are not calling it a race. It is a run. The goal is everyone finishes in under 30 hours for the 100 and under 15 for the 50.

The only part of this event that is a RACE race is the FUNDrace!

Ultramarathon registration is a two-step process.

• (STEP 1) Register here on ULTRASIGNUP. Once your registration on Ultrasignup is complete, you will receive a link via email to Complete step 2, or simply click the Crowdrise link below and "JOIN THE TEAM".
• (STEP 2) Join the team and set up your personal Saddle2Surf FundRACING Page Crowdrise .

You must commit to fundRacing a minimum of $100 for the 100 Mile Club® via our dedicated Saddle2Surf FundRACING Page

Oh! ...and we have SUPER special awards and incentives for epic FundRacing efforts. Contact us for more info at


The route for this run begins in Norco, CA at 100 Mile Club HQ and finishes at the Santa Monica Pier. The actual course is subject to change at any moment due to road closures, construction, and other variables. It is our goal to keep this route as consistent as possible and communicate changes as they arise.

Because this event is held in urban areas across Southern California, it is imperative that you confidently learn the course prior to the race. Any course markings placed on the course will be tampered with, removed, and altered beyond our control, so you and your crew are your best assets.

Learn the course! Training runs/course preview meetups will be held in the months/weeks leading up to the run, so stay connected!

Crew, Pacers, & Support

It's just you...and your CREW
This run is 100% crew-supported. There are no aid stations or drop bags, only a start line, time/bracelet stations, and a finish line. Each runner must be accompanied by a support crew comprised of no more than one four-wheeled motor vehicle and at least two crew members – two of whom are legally licensed to drive. Entrants may have no more than one support vehicle on the race course. You will be on small streets with VERY limited parking, making turns and U-turns to support your runner, so be very mindful of the size and practicality of your vehicle.

Learn More

The Saddle2Surf Webpage is a working document housed on the 100 Mile Club website. Visit this page for updates, maps, announcements, etc.

ALSO! Join our FB group here. The more we connect, the better.

Learn more about 100 Mile Club® here.

Local time: 5:40 PM


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