Saturday, Oct 12, 2019

Ultra Trails Lake Tahoe

5001 Northstar Drive

Lake Tahoe, CA 100 Miler, 50 Miler, 50K, 25K

Registration closes: Wed, Oct 9 @ 11:59PM

Lake of the Sky

Epic Endurance Events invites you to Lake Tahoe, one of the world’s most beautiful places. Make history at the Inaugural UTLT Mountain Ultra Trail Festival. The village at Northstar CA serves as our start/finish venue, there simply is no better mountain resort to host these scenic and difficult events! The village is world class with great rooms, condos, homes and up on the mountain lies the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Luxurious amenities abound where you can pamper yourself after the leg crushing terrain with spa treatments, hot tubs, swimming, shopping and exquisite food. Enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe before or after running; the water, beaches and scenery will leave you in awe. All this and more will provide the perfect backdrop for North America's version of the ultimate Mountain Ultra Trail Festival. This is Lake Tahoe, “surely the fairest picture the whole world affords.” Mark Twain

All course specifics are subject to change pending final permits.

100 and 50 mile route

Starting in the village at Northstar you will climb up ski runs and single track to the summit of Mount Pluto then drop down West Ridge to the Perimeter Trail along Martis Camp. The next climb begins on the new Schaffer Trail and then continues up the backside ski run to Mt. Pluto again: 5000 feet of vertical gain in the first 12 miles. Descend 2000 feet down to the Western States Trail until you reach the Tahoe Rim Trail. The TRT is a long rolling climb around Mount Watson and Lake Watson, across Hwy 267 at Brockway and continue up to Mount Baldy turn around. You will want a photo here. Go back on the TRT to Mt Watson Rd then Sawmill Flat Rd back into the village finish line. Do it again for the 100. Incredible views, lung busting climbs and nearly 11000 feet of vertical gain per loop. 33 hour 100mi cutoff - 15 hour cutoff at the 50mi mark

50 and 25K route.

These events follow the same route for 12 miles as the 100/50milers. At mile 12 from the top of Mount Pluto you will drop back down to the village where you started. Do the loop twice for the 50k. Each loop has nearly 5000 feet of vertical gain. OUCH!

Trail Work

All entrants in the 100 mile event are required to do 8 hours of trail work by October 7, 2019. Volunteering at an event is not the same.

Local time: 10:03 AM

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