Saturday, Dec 14, 2019

Pigtails Run

25187 Landsburg Rd SE

Maple Valley, WA 50K, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 14, 2019


With many races being cancelled this year due to COVID, I feel the need to have a back up plan in place.
This year has been wrought with race cancellations and changes that have caused many to lose hard earned money. Some registrations are not being refunded or the race is moved to a date you did not anticipate. I do not want to keep your money if this event cancels. After October 1st, I will start incurring fees that are nonrefundable to me. Please read the current available refund information below.
People registering August 1st thru October 1st - if the COVID-19 Virus is to blame for cancellation, I will have a virtual option as well as offer refunds.
People registering past October 1st- I will have to prepay for numerous race amenities and I will be out funds that won't necessarily refund to me. If it is cancelled post October 1st, I will reevaluate the possibility of refunds, even if they are only partial.

NEW THINGS FOR 2020 Race - 15th YEAR!

Same great race with new RD (but Van and Monte have taught me well).
15th year race anniversary! More food!
Swag and medals to be a little upgraded to celebrate this anniversary.
Check out the website link
about the new info but get ready as 8/1 is opening day for 2020 registration!



This run is on Cedar River Trail. There is no significant hill unless you are running the 50K where there is a slight hill at mile 21 when you leave the marathon course to do an extra out and back to get the additional 5 miles before returning to the marathon course at mile 26. The marathon course is about 11 miles packed gravel and 15 miles paved bike path. The 50K is 16 miles packed gravel and 15 miles paved bike path. The race start/finish is at Landsburg Park in Ravensdale. Please carpool as there a limited number of spots and there is not much parking along the road. Thank you for carpooling last year, it was much appreciated and we had enough room for all the cars. Please do not leave things in your car in plain site.
The course will be marked with white chalk spray or flour and signs at intersections and turn-around. The course is flat with the first half predominantly downstream and second half predominantly upstream. Be careful not to wear yourself out in the first half!

There is one major intersection at Cedar Grove Road between aid #1 and #2 (and again between #3 and #4 on the back) that is a traffic light. There will be no course monitor there, so you must obey regular traffic light laws. No one will be there to stop traffic for you.

**Approximate mileage (Aid stations #1, #4, and #5 are the same and #2 and #3 are the same)
Aid #1: 5.85mi (next aid 5.4mi)
Aid #2: 11.25mi (next aid 4.9mi)
Aid #3: 16.15mi (next aid 5.4mi)
Aid #4: 21.55mi (finish for marathoners in 4.7mi, next aid for 50K 4.9mi) CUT OFF FOR THE 50K IS 12:00 PM and for Marathon is 1:00 PM.
Aid #5 26.45mi (finish 4.7mi)

Total mileage marathon: 26.25mi
Total mileage 50K: 31.15mi

Local time: 4:47 PM


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