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You can finish this! The generous aid station cut off and time limit is designed for entrants of (almost) all abilities to finish. We'll be waiting for you with congratulatory hand shake, a fire pit, hot cider so you can enjoy and savor your accomplishment. You don't need to be an experienced trail runner to participate. Many first time trail runners have done very well here. Some runners have walked the entire distance and made it... with a few minutes to spare. Are you a fleet footed runner who absolutely rules over the rocks? Join us 'cause we want to see how fast this course can be run.



The Bobcat is an out and back starting at the Manor Parking Area in Cunningham State Park (Thurmont, Maryland). The race is run on both the Catoctin Trail (Blue) and the Cat Rock Trail (Yellow). Runners will start by looping the parking area stretching the field out before going NORTH bound on the Catoctin Trail. The trail is directly in front of the Manor Visitors Center. Runners have the pleasure of running up "Bob's Hill". This is a steep, rocky and slow section. Total rise is about 800' in 1.5 miles (1875 elevation) . After cresting the hill the course remains a little rocky but very run-able. At the trail intersection of the Catoctin Blue Trail and the Cat Rock Yellow trail (approx. 2.5 miles) runners will turn RIGHT onto the Cat Rock Yellow Trail and follow that to the turn around point. The turn around point is the Cat Rock Yellow Trail head parking area on Route 77. The only aid station will be at the turn around point. The distance from the start to the aid station is 5.5 miles. Runners reverse direction and run back south to the Start/Finish. Turn LEFT when the Cat Rock Trail ends at the Catoctin Blue Trail. Total elevation gain for the course is approx. 2200'.

Course Map

Time Limit and Cutoff's

You have 2.5 hours to make the aid station (5.5 miles) and 5 hours to finish the race. Translated... you need to do 27 minute miles. 27 minute miles does not mean this is a "killer" course but rather you're given plenty of time to finish.

What to Expect

We try to maintain a very "low key" and friendly race and want you to know what's going on. So...

  • After you've entered the race you will receive a confirmation email. No further email will be sent.
  • Review the photo banner for the start time and the street address. Click on the street address and Google maps will open and you'll know how to get to the start.
  • Bib pickup begins at 8:00 am. There is no pre-bib pickup. Your "mug shot" photo will be taken at that time. The main purpose for this is to have a photo record of who's picked top their bib and who's on the course. There have been times when a mug shot has been used to identify someone in an "emergency" situation. Please note that this is done at all my races and to date we have never had an "emergency" situation at the Bobcat.
  • Pre race brief is at 8:45. We'll talk about general stuff, the course and answer any questions you might have. A group photo will be taken.
  • Race begins on time at 9:00
  • Last runner should be out of the turn around aid station by 11:30. Some photo's will be taken of runners entering and leaving the aid station.
  • 10:30 am is the when course record time was set.
  • Race ends at 2:00.
  • Results "should be posted that afternoon/evening.
  • Photo's will be available 1-2 days from the conclusion. Use the download icon to download within Gallery view. If viewing an individual photo IGNORE the "Buy" button and simple right click on the photo to download it.

    Swag and Awards

    Swag... definitely! Entrants and volunteers will receive a 100% Cotton Tee Shirt and a Finishers Cup. There are no overall, place or age group awards. ***NOTE*** Shirt quantities and sizes are sent to the printer 30 days prior to the race. Extra's are also estimated and ordered. If the final number of entrants exceed the number of shirt sizes and quantities ordered then the last persons within that size will be the ones not receiving a shirt.


    Refunds are entry fee MINUS $10.00 until one month prior to the race. After that time no refunds are given.

    About the Race Director

    Hi, My name is Kevin Sayers and I'm the Race Director. The year was 1994, and I ran across an article about ultrarunning in a magazine and said "I just gotta do that".  One hundred miles in 24 hours?  What's not to like? Since that time I enjoyed a 39,000 mile running adventure throughout North America. Now, I’m a race director and have made it my mission “to conduct and promote fun and rewarding running events for entrants, crews and volunteers alike”.

    As the Race Director I consider my myself a cheerleader who encourages and inspires all to reach their goal. My commitment is to be available at all times during a race and greet every runner at the finish with a smile, hand shake, high five, fist bump or a combination there of.

  • My running history on UltraSignup (1996 - current)
  • website since 1996
  • Completed the Grand Slam of Ultra Running in 1998
  • Completed the JFK 50 Mile Run as a 100 miler (1998, 1999)
  • Aid Station Captain - Bull Run Run 50 Mile - Centerville A.S. since 1999
  • Received Vermont 100 "1,000 Mile" belt buckle in 2007
  • Race Director - Catoctin 50k Trail Run & Half Cat since 1999
  • Race Director - Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run 2011-2022
  • Race Director - Greenbrier Ultra's since 2018
  • Race Director - Bobcat Trail Run (11 Miles) since 2018
  • Race Director - Cow Bone 6-12-24 Hour 2019-2023 (Race no longer being held)

    Event's current local time: 12:23 AM ET
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