Saturday, Feb 22, 2020 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 22, 2020


Have you ever gotten into a groove at a nice steady pace and felt like "I could run forever at this pace"? Now's your chance to test that theory out.
In the DART 100k Challenge, all you have to do is run a nice, easy 10k, once every hour, for 10 hours in a row. Easy! There are people who can run 10k in less than 30 minutes, and you get a whole hour to do it. That's a comfortable 9:39 pace. No problem, right?
The only hitch is that each 10k starts on the hour and ends on the next hour. If you don't finish in the allotted time, then you're out. The winner is the first person to complete the 10th loop (as long as they finish it in less than an hour!).
This challenge is intended to be a free, "fatass" event, but to ensure that only serious participants enter, you have two choices:
1: Sign up and pay the $100 entry fee (which will go towards food and race support)
2: Get a coupon code from race director Dave Munger and sign up for free! How do you get the code? Just join Dave for a run. All his runs are posted on the DART Facebook page. Or send Dave an email and explain why you deserve to get a code without going for a run with him.
Do you think think a 1-hour 10k doesn't sound like a lot of fun? For you, even more fun can be had by running 50k in 10k chunks, with a much more generous time limit of an hour and 15 minutes! That means you get a full 6:15 to complete 50k on the same course, provided you finish each loop in time. That's a super fun average pace of 12:04 / mile!


The course is the standard DART loop, the route members of the Davidson Area Running Team train on every day. It's 6.2 miles long, with a couple hills, winding through the charming streets and paved greenways of Davidson, North Carolina. There is one aid station, on the Davidson Village Green at the start / finish line.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have made some adjustments to the race protocol. Runners must wear face coverings at the start and end of each loop when they are in close proximity to other runners or aid station volunteers. When you arrive at the aid station after each loop please check in with the volunteer who will track your arrival on the board. While there will be a couple tents at the start / finish area, we ask that runners bring their own chairs (if desired) and distance their personal materials appropriately at the start / finish. In the interest of caution we ask that runners be primarily self-supported; unfortunately there will be no shared food at the aid station. Water will be available at the start / finish line but otherwise food / fuel will be the individual runner's responsibility. Bathrooms are available at local businesses and face coverings are required when using these facilities. Please contact the race director with any questions about our COVID guidelines.

Event's current local time: 8:18 AM ET


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