Saturday, Sep 19, 2020

24 Hours of Palmer Lake

199 County Line Rd

Palmer Lake, CO 0.1K, 24hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 19, 2020


24 Hours of Palmer Lake is back! This race features 24 hours of a gorgeous 0.82 mile loop course surrounded by mountains on top of the Palmer Divide at an Elevation of 7,240 Feet. This is a low fanfare community-driven event, simply geared towards those who love to push their mental and physical limits while being surrounded by like-minded crazies.. Compete to win, set a new personal distance PR, test a nutrition plan, your choice.

There will be top 3 overall awards for finishers that cover the most distance in a 24 hour period. The first 10 runners who complete 100 miles or more in 24 hours will be guaranteed a buckle onsite with any others getting their buckle a couple of weeks after the event.

Runners who do not finish the 24 hours will get some kind of DNF award/participation certificate or maybe just a pat on the back. Who knows? Depends on how we feel that day.

$5 of every registration will be donated to the Palmer Lake Parks Committee to help improve local area parks.

We don't offer refunds, we simply can't afford to, but with at least a couple of weeks notice, we will work with you on a deferral to next year's event if something comes up and you can't participate.

Local time: 7:34 AM


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