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Cancelled Event

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED The OR Dept. of Forestry would not give us a permit. We came up with a social distanced operations plan to spread the race field out over 18 miles, yet it wasn't good enough. I'm sorry, i tried very hard. BLM was all for it, but the State was not.

Ultimook non-profit will offer a 50% refund or a 100% rollover for next year's event. Please e-mail us at: if you'd like a refund. Please allow 10 days to receive a check. I'm very sorry for this and we look forward to next year's race on July 4th. Free camping on the Hydrangea Ranch.


We have developed a "social distanced" plan to proceed with our race. It is currently under review by BLM and the OR State Forest Dept. which will approve/disapprove our permit for this year's race. I will be making an announcement within a few days. The BLM is for it, and the the State is waivering a bit. Please wait a few more days at most, the week of June 8th. It is on the desk of the head of the Tillamook State Forest. She will be deciding if there is a race or not this year.

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The Ultramook 50k & 30k Tillamook Ridge Trail Race is made up of a larger 30k loop and a smaller 20k loop. Participants will either run the larger 30k loop and finish or run both loops to finish a total of 50k.


The Ultramook 50k & 30k Tillamook Ridge Trail Race is located in the Tillamook State Forest and BLM managed lands, starting across the Kilchis River from the Hydranea Ranch. It features the Kilchis Ridge between Stanley Peak and Randall Hill and the Tillamook Ridge with stops at Top of the World #1 and Top of the World #2. There has been increased interest in the Tillamook Ridge of late and we’re going to introduce it to the World of Running.

Trail Description

Traverse abandoned logging roads, traveled & crafted over time by wild elk & other wildlife. Summit three coastal peaks--Stanley Peak, Top of the World #1, and Top of the World #2--and race along the Tillamook Ridge.  See full course description here.



The race starts at 8 a.m. just across the river from the Hydrangea Ranch at Oregon Coastal Flowers. Park on the Hydrangea Ranch, check-in, and warmup to the start area. Check-in/Bib pickup start at 6:00 am and closes at 7:50 am.


The 30k has 3,719 ft. of total ascent with a max elevation of 2,114 ft. The 20k has an additional 2,762 ft. of ascent with a max elevation of 1,795 ft. The 50k has 6,481 feet of total climb.


75% of the race is on abandoned logging roads and trails that are well traveled by wild elk and other wildlife. 25% of the race is on remote, infrequently traveled logging roads. You’ll be amazed of the quality of the trail in such remote areas of the forest.


50k prior to May 1, $95

50k May 1 – May 31, $105

50k June 1 – July 5, $115

30k prior to May 1, $85

30k May 1 – May 31, $95

30k June 1 – July 5, $105

Price includes tec shirt, Ultimook baseball cap, well marked route with aid at least every 10k, post-race meal & beverages, professional quality photos, and debut introduction of this best kept secret trail on the Oregon Coast.

Aid Stations

There will be three aid stations in the 30k and six aid stations in the 50k. Aid stations will be supplied with water, gatorade, potato chips, PB&J, fresh fruit (oranges, bananas), and chocolate/candy, as well as first aid supplies. Aid station #2 will double up as aid station #5 and Aid station #3 will double up as aid station #6 on the top of the Clear Creek Trail. A vehicle will be parked at aid station #3/#6 that can be used to transport any athlete unable to continue along the Tillamook Ridge. In case of a participant being pulled out from missing cut off times, they will need to wait until the aid station is closing to leave with the volunteer unless their is a medical emergency.

Cut Off Times

Strict cutoff times have been established for the safety of the participants and volunteer crew. If a participant is signed up for the 50k but fails to finish the 30k loop within 6 hours, they will not be allowed to proceed to the 20k loop. On the 2nd 20k loop, 50kers will not be allowed to pass the last aid station at 25 miles after 8 hours. After 10 hours our finish line crew will pack up, however, race managment will be monitoring all athletes until they return back to the Hydrangea Ranch safely, assuming all cutoff times above have been followed.

Local time: 12:02 PM


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