September 26 - October 11, 2020

NipMuck Trail Marathon

Perry Hill Rd

Marathon Relay, Marathon, Virtual 23K

This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 11, 2020

2020 Virtual Race

Due to the COVID-19 situation that we all find ourselves in, we unfortunately find that NipMuck can't be held in the traditional race format this year. We're transitioning to a virtual race format, which will give participants the option of traversing the NipMuck course any time between the dates of Saturday Sept 26 to Sunday October 11.
We will provide maps of the course that can be used in the AllTrails phone app to help keep you on track. As the race is being held virtually, it's the expectation that participants be able to traverse the course self-supported.
Marathon: Run the full NipMuck Marathon course and report your time.
Marathon Relay: 2-person teams run the south and north sections. Report the total elapsed time.
Half Marathon (23K): Run only the northern half of the NipMuck Marathon course and report your time.
Reporting - We will use the self-reporting feature of UltraSignup to collect race times and strava (or other) activity links. Details coming soon.

For your convenience, the course map:
First half (southern half)
Second half (northern half) (and the 23k course)

Race Options

NipMuck offers two options for those who want to take on the Muck:

NipMuck Trail Marathon
The original NipMuck event. This 26.4 mile race on Connecticut's Nipmuck Trail offers it all: rocks, roots, mud, wood bridges and everything in between. A challenging trail race, and one that can't be missed!
NipMuck Relay
We are excited to offer a relay option to runners who want to tackle the NipMuck experience as a team. Relay teams consist of two runners, one of whom will complete the first half of the NipMuck course and the second runner who will complete the second half of the course. This event is perfect for runners who want to participate in the NipMuck experience but aren't ready for the full marathon distance, parents who want to bring the kids but both want to run in the race, or maybe pairs of speedy folks who would like to see an insanely fast time on the notoriously tricky course.
23k Half Marathon
For the year 2020 only, we are offering a 23k-ish, half of the NipMuck course. This option consists solely of the northern (2nd half) of the NipMuck course. Legend says that this is the more challenging half of NipMuck, but on fresh legs it can't be that bad, can it??? Only one way to find out…

Community of Races

NipMuck is a participating race in several area race series

Blue-Blazed Trail Running Series

NipMuck is the final race in the CFPA Blue-Blazed Trail Running Series. Participate in each of the BBTRS races to earn points - points winners receive a unique award at the conclusion of the series!

WMAC Grand Tree

NipMuck is a participant in the WMAC Grand Tree Trail Race Series


The NipMuck Trail Marathon race course follows a 13 mile segment in the middle of the 36 mile Nipmuck Trail starting on Perry Hill Road in Ashford. The marathon runs south for 6.2 miles down to Rt 44, then back to the start, then north for 7 miles to Boston Hollow Road, then turns around and back to the finish at Perry Hill Road.

60% of your time will be spent in the second half of the race due to hills and a bit more distance. First half map: Second half map:

Local time: 2:22 PM


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