Sunday, Oct 18, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Crowell Hilaka Trail Run

4374 Broadview Rd

Richfield, OH 50K, 1/2 Marathon

Registration closes: Thu, Oct 15 @ 11:59PM

Changes for 2020

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 virus and the format will most likely be different than what you are used to experiencing. We do have a permit to have the race, but we will probably do a quasi virtual race, meaning we will mark the course on Friday and you will have the weekend to run it. You will have to submit your Strava (or other possible formats) in order to be counted in the results. We will have water available on Saturday; water and Heed available, as well as some gels on Sunday, but the race will be mostly self supported.
The volunteer requirement can be completed on any weekend before the race at Richfield Heritage Preserve and they will send the list to us for verification. They always need volunteers, as they have many ongoing projects. Please consider donating as well, they also need capital to help complete the restoration of this beautiful park.
Lastly, this may all change before race day, so please follow us on Facebook.


This is a donation based race! The event will provide a first rate running experience for its participants but you must give back by doing one or more of the following: donating to one of our partner charities or participating in one of the trail clean up days at the Richfield Heritage Preserve. Dates will be announced on our Facebook page for those unable to donate. Donations accepted at RFGB Donation Page under the Crowell Hilaka heading.

The Crowell Hilaka Trail Run is all about getting out and running in the woods and enjoying nature. The course consists of combination of primitive single track (including Ohio's Buckeye Trail), bridle trails, open fields, and camp roads. Note that since this is a trail run so you can expect to encounter mud, slippery rocks, foot-grabbing roots, minor water crossings, and other obstacles that we all love about the trails. Since the race is in mid October, the autumn colors will be out in full splendor!

The race takes place at the Richfield Heritage Preserve, formerly Crowell Hilaka. In addition to its natural beauty, the park is rich in history. It was home to the pioneer Oviatt family. Later it was home to inventor Jim Kirby whose work and creativity are apparent decades later. It is probably best known for its 75 years as a Girl Scout camp starting in 1937.


For the 50k race we will be running the 6-mile loop five times and two times for the Half Marathon. After the last loop, you will run an out and back down the access road to the lower lake for about 1/2 mile, pick up an item out of the basket, then sprint back to the finish at Amity House


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Local time: 1:14 PM


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