February 1 - 19, 2020

Hum Up Um

Mt Umunhum

San Jose, CA 3.7 Miler

This Event Took Place Wed. Feb 19, 2020

Hum Up Um

Pacific Coast Trail Runs and Running Revolution are jazzed to kick off the Inaugural edition of HumUpUm, as the second installment of the 3Peaks Challenge. Like JamOnTam, HumUpUm is a STRAVA based virtual running challenge up the infamous Mount Umumhum. HumUpUm is also the second of the 3 events in PCTR’s latest 3Peaks Challenge. Stay tuned to more destinations being added in the near future.

The official racing period for 2020 HumUpUm is between February 1 thru 19. The objective is to complete the 3.71M Strava segment known as "PCTR Hum up Um", https://www.strava.com/segments/22743820 and compete in one or all of the following categories during the sanctioned dates:

1. Fastest ascent time.
2. Most cumulative ascents during entire competition.
3. 50K in one calendar day (24hr period) - round trip is 7.42 miles (4x round trips = 29.68 miles)
4. 100K in two calendar day* - round trip is 7.42 miles (9x up plus 8x down = 63.07 miles)

*In complying with State regulations and rules, any attempts recorded outside of the official park hours will not be counted towards the competition. Therefore, you may complete the 100K attempts over two consecutive calendar days during official park hours. For example, complete 5 ascents on day 1 and 4 more ascents on the subsequent day.

The Why?

The goal and primary focus of this event is to bring awareness to runners the importance to supporting your local small business running store such as Running Revolution. It's also an opportunity to bring more runners into the area to support local businesses such as cafes, restaurants, bookstores, clothing retailers, art studios and more who all compete against online shopping, which is slowly chipping away at our retail businesses with a store front. The first quarter (January through March) is the slowest time of the year for retail and we hope that just a little bit more foot/running traffic will help.

Another reason for creating this event is to promote "Virtual Running". We often hear from runners and hikers that their work schedule or family life gets in the way of training or entering our events. By letting runners do it on their own time, we now include more opportunity for all to experience our trail running community in other ways.

This was a huge successful during our 2020 JamOnTam series. Many runners met along the course on weekends, forged new friendship and subsequently banded together to tackle multiple-summits day while pushing each other to go further. The ladies of JamOnTam this year exemplified this very spirit of our community and we salute you all!

Event Information

Date & Time
- Sat, February 01 sunrise through February 19th sundown, 2020

All attempts MUST be completed within the official park hours of The Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve, NO EXCEPTION. The hours are from one-half hour before official sunrise, bit.ly/HumUpUmSunRise, until one-half hour after official sunset, bit.ly/HumUpUmSunset. ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY START OR LATE FINISH.

There are multiple gates that will be closed overnight. Please allow for sufficient time to (1) return to your car after your final round-trip of the day AND (2) exit the final gate at Mt. Umumhum Road & Hick Road before one-half hour after sunset. Failure to do so might result in unauthorized car-camping overnight, unwanted encounter with wildlife (see mountain lions section) and face citation plus fines. AND this does not mean more summits if you are stuck! Rangers patrol the area during off hours vigorously and you will be DQ’d if found running outside the sanctioned hours. We kindly ask you to respect the rules and not jeopardize our good standing relationship with the park.

On February 19, please ensure your last round-trip attempt is completed before the official park closing time. Remember, the main gate will close one-half hour after official sunset, bit.ly/HumUpUmSunset.

Distances & Elevation Gains
- 3.73M
- 1,127' Elevation Gain
- 6% Average Grade
- Single track, well marked signage

Entry Fee
- $45

Strava Segment "PCTR Hum up Um"
- https://www.strava.com/segments/22743820

Course Records:
- David Carroll 31:24, 2017-09-25
- Amy Burton 39:12, 2017-09-20

Parking Info
- Limited free parking (about 18 spots) is available at:
Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve Mt Umunhum Rd, Parking Lot, Almaden, CA 95120
- Please park within the parking spaces provided. You will be ticketed if you park illegally.
- Overflow parking will occur along Mt Umumhum Road. There is another parking lot near the summit. However, that will mean you must descent in order to officially start your run.

WARNING: Locals warned that due to the remoteness of this parking lot, it is unfortunate that vehicle break-ins do occur frequently. Be smart and plan accordingly. DO NOT leave valuables in your vehicle including your keys, ID, electronics and wallet. Assume the protocol that you can part with anything you left behind in your car during your run.

Park Info
- There are 2 unisex washroom located at the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve Mt Umunhum Rd, Parking Lot. These are the only bathroom along the course and none at the summit.
- There are no water fountains anywhere on the course. Bring adequate supply for your planned efforts.
- Strangely, there are also no trash bins anywhere along the course, the parking lot or at the summit. Please practice good trail etiquette and take your trash with you. If you see trash, pick it up for bonus trail karma points. Thank you.
- Cellphone coverage from Hicks Road thru to the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve Mt Umunhum Rd Parking Lot and the first 2M of the course is somewhat limited depending on your carrier. Come with a plan in the event if you need to call for assistance.

Race Perks
- The coveted official HumUpUm visor
- Custom Wood Finisher Medal for every finisher
- Overall award when qualified for either fastest or max summit categories
- Entry to Special Event drawing for free PCTR race entries and other prizes.
- Bragging rights, respect from loved ones and your trail running community
- Award Ceremony will take place on Friday, February 21st, 6pm at:
Running Revolution
511 East Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008

- Must be entered to win.
- Finisher medal provided to all that complete one or more summits.
- Top 3 male and female awards in the following categories:
1. Fastest ascent time during competition.
2. Most cumulative ascents during competition.
3. 50K in one calendar day (24hr period) - round trip is 7.42 miles (4x round trips = 29.68 miles)
4. 100K in two calendar day* - round trip is 7.42 miles (9x up plus 8x down = 63.07 miles)

- No age group awards.
- Each summit will earn a ticket to the special event drawing. The more summits means more chances in winning extra prizes.

The Rules
1. Must register via Ultrasignup.com to officially enter the contest.
2. Must have a valid and verifiable STRAVA account to win awards. Runner without a STRAVA account may participate and receive the swag and finisher medal but not eligible for awards.
3. From your STRAVA account, must join the HumUpUm Strava Club, bit.ly/HumUpUmStravaClub. This is how we officially track your summits.
4. All ascents must follow the official STRAVA PCTR Hum up Um Segment, https://www.strava.com/segments/22743820.

- Mt Umumhum Trail head across from Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve Mt Umunhum Rd, Parking Lot
- 37.159414, -121.875961 or bit.ly/HumUpUmStartLongLat

- Mt Umumhum East Peak, finish marker is the mount directly across the end of Mt Umumhum Trail
- 37.159963, -121.897124 or bit.ly/HumUpUmFinishLongLat
- Here are a couple photos for your reference, bit.ly/HumUpUmFinishAerial, bit.ly/HumUpUmFinishLine

5. Run up to Mt Umumhum “The Cube” as fast as you can, starting Saturday February 01 starting one-half hour before official sunrise, bit.ly/HumUpUmSunRise. Please respect the official park hours.
6. Summit as many times as you can until sundown on Wednesday February 19th. You MUST exit the park no later than one-half hour after official sunset, bit.ly/HumUpUmSunset. Please be mindful of the official park hours.
7. In order for your summits to be official, they must be posted to STRAVA within 24hrs upon completion. IMPORTATNT: All race stats visibility must be set to EVERYONE. Leaderboard updates will be posted daily in the HumUpUm STRAVA Club page and via email weekly. Any results posted after the 24hrs window will be reviewed and at the sole discretion of the Race Director.
8. Anyone caught running and misrepresenting STRAVA data and account information will be disqualified AND heckled endlessly on social media.
9. Absolutely no littering.
10. Be courteous to other on the trails and streets.
11. Not required, but say hello to fellow Hummers. He/she might be your new friend for the next 19 days.


Mountain Lions ALERT – Big cats are very actively and thriving in the Sierra Azul and the nearby Santa Cruz mountain ranges. They are most active around dusk and dawn. Locals have reported frequent sightings so encountering them is VERY REAL. The segment to the summit is lined with tree covers and not always well traveled by hikers/runners. Due to the remoteness of this location, exercise caution and vigilance at all time during your run. Avoid using earbuds or loud music that will tune you out from your surroundings.

Check out this video, bit.ly/MtUmMountainLions, of mountain lions sightings at Mt Umumhum. Pay specific attention to the time of day in the footage. Your safety is our number one priority so please educate yourself in the unlikely event should you do encounter a mountain lion. We highly recommend running as a group or with a buddy. Feel free to post in our Strava Club, bit.ly/HumUpUmStravaClub, to organize your own meet-ups.

>>> See more footage at the end of this page on Mountain Lion encounters. <<<

Running Revolution

After you register at home, you can pick up your bib and swag at Running Revolution Campbell location anytime between Friday February 7th when they open at 10am through Wednesday February 19th at 7pm.

*** Please do not show up at the store and say I am here to register for the HumUpUm. You will be redirected to register online. ***

Running Revolution
511 East Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008

Monday: 10a – 5p | Tuesday - Friday: 10a – 7p
Saturday: 10a – 6p | Sunday: 11a – 5p

15% discount available for registered entrants only. Must present bib at checkout to qualify.

About Mount Umumhum, The Cube

Mount Umunhum (Ohlone, meaning resting place of the hummingbird) is the fourth-highest peak in California's Santa Cruz Mountains (after Loma Prieta, Crystal Peak, and Mt. Chual). The mountain is situated in Santa Clara County, south of San Jose. It is sometimes referred to as Mount Um by locals. Most of the mountain is within the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve.

The mountain is topped by an 8.5 story (84.5 feet tall) concrete radar tower (5 floors interior), known locally as "the Cube" or "the Box". The tower was built in 1957 as part of Almaden Air Force Station, a radar surveillance post which operated from 1958 to 1980. The Cube, which housed an 85.5-ton AN/FPS-24 radar, was completed in 1962 and used to watch for hostile aircraft during the Cold War. Its signal put an electronic zip into every radio, TV and sound system within its 250-mile range on every rotation.

For more info, check out this video, bit.ly/VidStoryofUmunhum.

Course Information

These RunGoApp.com links are very useful when doing the route for those not familiar with the course. The RunGo app (think Google Map for runners) will keep you on the correct path while providing turn-by-turn voice navigation cues. The app is totally free and available for both iOS and Android. Check out these videos on how to use RunGo, https://youtu.be/ovAJ5vaqKu8 and https://youtu.be/HmVSBS4LS-U.

If you have never run the official route, we strongly recommend you post a message in our HumUpUm STRAVA Club to summit with someone who has. The course itself is fairly straightforward. The route itself is quite remote and foot traffic is sparse even on weekends. Exercise caution and be alert with your surroundings at all times.

Official Route 3.71M, https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/5K8huiLwfL

Official Course Turn-by-turn
0.00M Start at Mount Umunhum Trail, 37.159414, -121.875961, across from the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve Mt Umunhum Rd Parking Lot
0.34M Turn right onto Barlow Road
0.34M Turn right onto Mount Umunhum Trail
0.49M Turn right
0.85M Turn right
0.92M Turn right
1.35M Turnaround onto Mount Umunhum Trail
1.46M Turn sharp right onto Mount Umunhum Trail
3.43M Turn right
3.48M Turn right
3.71M Finish! When you reach the end of the trail, you will see a small mount directly across the path that is perpendicular you. Follow the pathway to the top of mount. See bit.ly/HumUpUmFinishAerial and bit.ly/HumUpUmFinishLine for reference.

Mountain Lion Videos

• Mountain Lions on Mt Umumhum, bit.ly/MtUmMountainLions
• Mountain Lion Stand Off, bit.ly/MountainLionStandOff
• Mountain Lion Attacks, bit.ly/MtLionAttacks
• What Mountain Lion sounds like, bit.ly/MtLionScreaming
• Mountain Lion Chirps, bit.ly/MtLionChirp
• Mountain Lion Screaming, bit.ly/MtLionScreaming2
• Face to Face with a mountain lion, bit.ly/MtLionFace2Face
• Mountain Lion Kills 4 Point Buck, bit.ly/MtLionKills4PtBuck
• Mountain Lion Attacks 3yo Boy, bit.ly/MtLionAttacks3yoBoy
• What To Do when encountering a mountain lion, bit.ly/MtLionWhatToDo

Local time: 3:59 AM


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