Thursday, Apr 30, 2020 @ 5:00 AM
This Event Took Place Thu. Apr 30, 2020


Welcome to the Arrowhead Virtual Run!

Are you ready for something fun, low pressure and not to be cancelled?! AVR-19 is here for you!

This is a co-event to the Arrowhead Endurance Run (AER) in the fall.
AVR-19 is a virtual 19 hour run to get something on your schedule you can feel confident in and do in isolation if necessary. The 19 hours is to be started whenever you would like in April but it's a continuous 19 hours once you begin. It can be completed wherever you like and on your choice of trail, road or even treadmill!

All activities must be with supporting technological data, IE GPS or related backup. For those interested in completing on the treadmill, that means you will need a watch capable of treadmill activities and a supporting foot pod (or similar) to accurately capture your treadmill miles.

We are happy to have you and hope you are excited for the 19 hours of fun ahead of you.

Rules are as follows:
All 19 hours must be on Garmin, Strava or similar data
All activities must be set to 'race' mode to show the entire elapsed time, not moving time
You may start and stop any time during the 19 hours, but the clock does not stop once your run begins
Your run does not have to be 19 hours in total but the elapsed time cannot exceed 19 hours from the start of the first run
Only activities completed IN ENTIRETY will be counted for the 19 hour total
Screenshots of all data must accompany results total when submitted to race officials
Please only send one result, once complete
19 hour can be completed ANY TIME in April 2020
Registration will close at the end of the day April 15th 2020

Have some fun!

Shirts & Finisher Awards

Here's the added good news - there will be SWAG!

We will be mailing all finishers a cotton blend shirt and a finisher medal.

These will be tallied once the registration closes April 15th and ordered at that time. We will mail all shirts and awards the first week in May.

No extra shipping or handling costs, included in the race fee.

Race Photos

We would love to see your race photos taken during the event, so take as many as you want and we will make a slideshow at the end capturing everyone's event! The more creative the better! Please share on the Arrowhead Facebook page.

Donation to World Health Organization

We wanted to do our part during Covid-19, so we will be donating one dollar for each runner signed up. Regardless if you are paid or running for free. Together we are making a difference. Thank you everyone!

Free Race Option

If you are not interested in the medal or the shirt, you can still compete!

Use code "No Thanks" at checkout and receive 100% discount.

Please select the no shirt & no medal option at checkout instead of a shirt size.

Local time: 3:07 PM


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