Saturday, Nov 7, 2020

Monte Vino Races- Heards Mountain Road

5729 Heards Mountain Rd

Covesville, VA 50K, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 7, 2020

Monte Vino Races

The Monte Vino Races are intimate events with limited entries. In this new environment, the Monte Vino Races strive to bring together the running community in a safer, small crowd setting. Our mission is to provide our runners with a safer outlet to practice the sport we all love and support our staff and volunteers with a safer work environment. Future Monte Vino Races will take place in some of the most beautiful mountain vineyard landscapes.

Because of the very limited size, Monte Vino Races have small budgets and cannot provide all the amenities of larger events. To prevent any surprises, please read the information on the website and understand what is/is not provided at the event.

No Refund Policy | Monte Vino Races are limited to about 100 entrants for all three events. Because of the remote nature of the race and given the numerous events that have occurred around the country larger than Monte Vino, we are very confident that we will hold the event with extensive safety measures. Therefore, we are going ahead with all organizations tasks and expenses required. Additional measures, such as waves, might need to be implemented if necessary. However, please note that entries are non-refundable and non-deferrable. If you are not willing to assume the risk of a possible cancellation, please do not register or wait until closer to the event. Organizing these events takes many months and many resources, and it is not financially feasible to offer refunds because of a cancellation beyond our control. Therefore, by registering, you understand and agree that your race entry is non-refundable and non-deferrable.
In addition, please understand what IS and IS NOT offered at Monte Vino Races (see list below) before registering, so there are no surprises.

Local time: 11:33 AM


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