Saturday, Apr 24, 2021
This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 24, 2021

The Canyons Endurance Runs

The Canyons Endurance Runs, presented by HOKA, is a Western States 100 Golden Ticket race and Qualifier for 2023 and 4 point UTMB race! We bring you back to where it all started: the Birthplace of Mountain Ultras. You will encounter the most scenic and difficult sections of the Western States trail as you first run out through the infamous Canyons followed by a wildflower explosion on Cal Street. Enjoy great panorama vistas of the Sierras from Desolation to rarely seen intimate canyon/river views. You will run through beautiful oak and pine canopied forests on some of the fastest descents and steepest climbs anywhere. Crossing streams and old wooden bridges through historic settlements, you might hear prospectors and mules on their quest for the mother lode as you follow the same trail they did over 150 years ago. You can also imagine the likes of Gordy Ainsleigh, Ann Trason and Tim Twietmeyer as they pioneered the sport of ultra running. Come explore the Canyons and follow in the footsteps of Pioneers that made this legendary trail so special. The post party will feature hot grilled food with lots of cold drinks to enjoy. The famous trucker hat will be back too!

NEW CUTOFF IS 19 HOURS FOR THE WS100 qualifier time for the100K! Please visit our website and like our facebook page for more detailed information and updates, links located at icons above. The section from Volcano Creek to China Wall is located in National Forest lands with approval from US Forest Service special permits. Please respect all rules and regulations that apply.

100K Course

The 2021 course will be our new route from Auburn to China Wall, a point to point net uphill route mostly run on the Western States Trail with over 16,000' of ascent. We will move the start to downtown Auburn on Lincoln Wy head over the white bridge and down Robie point. Down WS Trail and across No Hands bridge, over hwy 49 bridge to the Confluence trail, up to Mammoth Bar OHV (Aid 1 mile 8). Head up Riverview to Eastside to Foresthill Divide loop to Drivers Flat (Aid 2 mile 16) then down to Rucky Chucky up to Cal2 (Aid 3 mile 25). Climb up to Foresthill Elementary at the half way mark, (Aid 4 mile 33) and enter Volcano Canyon then climb up to Michigan Bluff (Aid 5 mile 39). The terrain really gets tough now as you descend into Eldorado Canyon and back up to Deadwood Cemetary (Aid 6 mile 45) and then take loop 6 around to Devils Thumb and back to Deadwood Cemetary (Aid 7 mile 51). Take a left on Loop 6 and drop down into Eldorado Canyon up Codfish trail and grind it out to China Wall finish mile 63. Congrats! You made it.

50k Course

The 50k will start in Auburn and follow the 100k course to Foresthill. Yes its more like 52.5K but those extra Ks are no extra charge:)

25K Course

The 25k will start in Auburn and follow the 100k course to Drivers Flat finish line.

No Refund Policy

We have a no refund policy, please don't sign up if that is a problem

Local time: 3:51 AM


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