May 15 - 16, 2021

Quest for the Crest 50k / 10k

Burnsville, NC 50K, Vertical K / 10k

This Event Took Place Sun. May 16, 2021


Quest for the Crest from Mary Lide Parker on Vimeo.

AN EPIC mountain race

This is hands down the hardest 10k and 50k in North America. However it is one of the most beautiful. Both courses are point to point and include insane amounts of vertical climbing. each race will put "runners" on all 4s briefly to climb up sections. ITS STEEP! first climb for both races is 2.5 miles with 3300 ft gain. the juice is worth the squeeze for the jaw dropping views.

It's not one view but tons of wide open views along the HIGHEST mountain chain East of the Mississippi. This will be a hike up and jog down for most people. 12,000 ft of gain on the 50k and 3300 ft gain on the 10k.

See if you got what it takes on this breath taking course.
For all race info, please see the Run Bum Tours website.


50k = 3 points

Local time: 4:41 PM


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