Monday, Mar 1, 2021 @ 12:01 AM

Vertical Madness

20 W 34th St.

744 Hour - Virtual

This Event Took Place Mon. Mar 1, 2021

It's March and it's MADNESS!

A basketball-inspired tournament but instead of dunking on people and sinking treys, you’re trying to run more vert than them. Every day of every week until there’s only one runner left.

Here's the format:

Starts Tuesday 3/1 at 12:01 am, ends Thursday 3/31 at 8:59 pm

First Round: Tuesday 3/1 at 12:01 am - Monday 3/7 at 6:59 pm

- all contestants in each division go ham, top 16 continue on
- Seeding for Round Two is based on finishing vert for week- 1 through 16.
- Classic seeding style: 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, etc. (see photo of bracket above)
- raffle for a "yet to be determined prize" like a Hoka gift certificate, etc. at 7 pm on Zoom

Sweet Sixteen: Tuesday 3/8 at 12:01 am - Monday 3/14 at 6:59 pm

- head to head challenges
- raffle for a prize (gift certificate?) at 7 pm on Zoom

Elite Eight: Tuesday 3/15 at 12:01 am - Monday 3/21 at 6:59 pm

- head to head challenges
- raffle for a prize at 7 pm on Zoom

Final Four: Tuesday 3/22 at 12:01 am - Monday 3/28 at 6:59 pm

- head to head challenges
- raffle for a prize at 7 pm on Zoom

Championship: last two runners go for three days (Tuesday 3/29 at 12:01 am - Thursday 3/31 at 8:59 pm)

- raffle last prize off at 9 pm and the overall winner wins a sick Grand Prize (yet to be determined)


1. Treadmills will be in their own division this year and you must provide photo evidence. Your treadmill MUST have a vertical gain function. Approximating your gain by grade and time will not suffice.

2. All GPS files and treadmill info must be uploaded to Strava. If you do not have a Strava account, get one now. We will be using a private invite-only group to tally the stats and data and having Strava is necessary these days anyway, so get one. Here is a link to the group:

3. Once your file is uploaded to Strava using GPS you must have access to the desktop version and use the “Correct Elevation” function. This normalizes the over-reporting of vertical seen on most Garmins as well as the under-reporting of vert seen on most Suuntos. Don’t worry about this- everyone will get equally screwed. Unless you are in the treadmill division, you are completely and utterly screwed because all that "uphill only" running is going to make your badonkadonk huge for '22. #babygotback

4. You must have your GPS files / treadmill photos and all pertinent info uploaded by the time the weekly deadline ends. Most weeks it will be 6:59 pm EST, except for the Championship round (8:59 pm). I’m doing this to give myself time to accurately look at all the data before the next round starts- I will be the ultimate arbiter of the data. If your files look fishy, I’m tossing the data. If you don’t like it, don’t sign up. Cheaters suck.

5. We will go live via Zoom every week to announce each week’s winners. Stay tuned for more on this- I'll have an official announcement by mid-February at the latest for this. Might be a dick and use Microsoft Teams, idk whatever.

Please take note: if you decide to register, there are three options: please choose either TREADMILL or OUTDOORS. If you choose the first option it will just put you in the event, then I'll have to chase you down to be all "yo which one you wanna do?"

So please save me the time and please notice which event you are signing up for.


- We will raffle off five (5) prizes at the end of each round
- overall winner wins a yet to be determined Grand Prize, last year it was a $125 Hoka gift certificate, actually all of the prizes were Hoka gift certs (valued at $50 each week)
- second place wins a sweet Runner Up prize (last year was $75)
- third and fourth place win cool prizes too
- a dope VERTICAL MADNESS fleece-lined hoody from Bella+Canvas
- a handmade, one-of-a-kind award from Ragged Cuts

What if I get knocked out?

That's okay- you're still "alive"!

If you get knocked out in the first week, don’t worry- you’re now playing for a raffle PRIZE! You can still win every week, hell- if we get enough sign-ups we will do MULTIPLE prizes every week. The Zoom meetings we did at the end of every week were super fun; you can show up, crack a cold one or a kombooch and kick it with total strangers that just wrecked themselves for the last 7 days running up and down hills and mountains. or even worse the tediousness of the treadmill- y'all are the real heroes. We perfected some trash talk, shared memes on the Strava page, it was fun. But don't take my word for it, sign the F up and feel the burn!

Local time: 8:08 AM


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