February 16 - April 18, 2021

Jam On Tam

East Peak - Mt Tamalpais

Mill Valley, CA 7.7 Miler

Registration closes: Thu, Apr 15 @ 11:59 PM

Welcome to “Jam On Tam”

TheTrailPortal.com, in partnership with Pacific Coast Trail Runs and San Francisco Running Company, are super stoked to be producing the 3rd annual "Jam on Tam" this February 16th and running through April 18th. As in previous years, the competition will include fastest times, most times the course is completed during event time period, as well as the most times the course is completed in one day will be awarded. *Banner Photo Credit to Doug Kunst of Kunst Properties in Mill Valley.

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Pacific Coast Trail Runs Supporting Robert Rhodes' Fight Against Cancer .
Our Friend Robert was recently diagnosed with Cancer. Rob is the Race Director at BayTrailrunners and manages the Dirtbagger Film Syndicate. Please help support him during this fight:


Event Introduction

Location: Mt Tamalpais East Peak, Mill Valley, CA
Event Format: "Open Course"
Trail Sport: Trail Running and Hiking.
Event Start Date: Tuesday, February 16th - Sunrise
Event End Date: Sunday April 18th, 2021 - Sunset
Time: Sunrise to Sunset Daily
Entry Fee**: $62.50
Course Start:The Depot Bookstore and Café, 87 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley, 94941
Distances: 7.70 Miles
Elevation Gain: +2,509' Elevation Gain with 14% Average Grade the first 3.29 miles
Course Trail Type: Mix of paved road, stairs, single track and short technical scramble.

** "Jam On Tam" is now an asset of The Trail Portal, LLC. No race credits from Pacific Coast Trail Runs - whether from volunteering or race cancellations are valid for TheTrailPortal, LLC events.

Event Swag, Awards, & Online Store

SWAG - All entrants will receive the following:
1. Finisher Medal ***: Premium handmade wood medal with matching colored neck para-cord from Elevation Culture.
2. Custom Neck Gaiter: Event logo/design imprinted on 10 inch face covering pulled up from neck line.
3. “Go run a trail.” 26 oz. Aluminum Bottle with the Covid-friendly no contact tool. This tool can act as a sanitary key for opening doors and features a stylus tip for use on touchscreen devices at the store.
4. Race Sticker: ”Jam on Tam” Logo Sticker
5. TheTrailPortal.com Sticker

Above items #1 to #5 will be shipped at our expense on March 18th. For those register after March 15th, then we will be mailing weekly until the end of the event.

*** Please note we are producing one finisher medal to represent the "Bay Area Open Course Triple Crown". For each of the three OPEN COURSE EVENTS listed below, all finisher will receive a decorative tag to slide on to the main finisher medal for each finish. This also helps reduce the amount of wood we use for awards.

2021 Bay Area "Open Course" Triple Crown Event includes
• Jam on Tam (2/16 to 4/18)
Hum up Um (2/23 to 4/25)
Streak to Mission Peak (3/2 to 5/2)

Awards - Podium & Age Group Awards
- Top 3 male and female fastest times
- Top 3 male and female most times completed the 7.7m course during event period.
- After event period ends, and if you qualify, will be available for pick-up award at SFRC (Mill Valley).

- Top 3 male and female fastest times in each age group category
- After event period ends, and if you qualify, will be available for pick-up award at SFRC (Mill Valley).
- Age groups: Ages 5-12, 13-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90+

Online Store
Previous years "Jam on Tam" event swag or PCTR items may be purchased on our online store:


Open Course Trail Racing

What is Open Course Trail Racing?
Open Course Trail Racing is a new category of racing that was spawned by the creative energy of Pacific Coast Trail Runs. This new technology, developed with our partner PWRLab, enables race directors to produce events which provides runners with an experience that feels as close to “live” or “in-person” racing as possible. "Live/In-person Racing" is what you knew up until the pandemic. "Open Course" allows for you to run the actual course that was designed by the Race Director. You will run the course on your time, at your own pace, during the event time period in compliance with the local park rules.

Open Course for Race Directors
• Allows you to produce your event more than one day per year by digitizing and monetizing.
• Allows you to safeguard your brand against someone else producing an event on your course.
• Provides a safety net to protect your organization against loss of permit due to the pandemic, fire, or other cancellations.
• Allows for you to produce a safe event.

Open Course for Runners
• Allows for you to run the course of all your favorite races.
• Allows for you to compete on the actual event course against others.
• Your time will be validated similar to a timing chip on the back of your bib.
• Your name will populate on the leaderboard like a normal live/in-person event.

Are You Ready to Race?
If yes, then:
1. Register Above via UltraSignUp.
2. Receive UltraSignUp confirmation email from Race Director (Check Spam Folders).
3. Follow Email instructions to launch syncing technology.
4. Choose "On-Course" or "Off-Course" (See Below Descriptions)
4. Compete & Connect with the trail Community.
5. Run the course as many times as you would like during the event window to climb the leaderboard.
6. Celebrate!

On-Course vs. Off-Course Participation
• Run the event specific designed course.
• Run with GPS Watch: Garmin, Suunto, Coros, or Polar. Apple Watch to be integrated by summer 2021.
• Synch watch with TheTrailPortal & PWRLab “On-course” leaderboard.
• Eligible for all event swag.
• Eligible for finisher awards and sponsor drawings.
• Eligible for Podium & Age Group Awards

• Run the exact distance of the course anywhere, anytime, on any surface you choose in the world.
• Think of “Off-course” like “virtual” where you can run around your neighborhood, on your treadmill, or on a nearby trail.
• It’s important to us that even if you do not live in the area of the “open course”, that you be given the opportunity to emulate the event “Off-Course”.
• if you want to run the actual 7.7m course and do not want to use a watch, then you will manually enter your time and be listed on the "off-course leaderboard"
• You will manually enter your run to TheTrailPortal.com & PWRLab “Off-Course” leaderboard.
• Eligible for all event swag.
• Eligible for finisher award and sponsor drawings.

Social Networking

We encourage you to share your experience with others on these social platforms. Talk about the route, parking tips and what activities you did before or after your Jam

Facebook  |  Instagram (PCTR)  |  Instagram (The Trail Portal)  |  Twitter

Event Partners

Pacifc Coast Trail Runs: Will be the marketing and promotion partner for this event and the two others in the "Bay Area Open Course Triple Crown" series.

San Francisco Running Company: Running Specialty Store partner. After you register for the event you will be able to receive a 15% discount on all in-store purchases through April 18th, 2021. GPS watches and Nike Vapor Fly / Max shoes not included.
Please do not show up at the store and say I am here to register for the Jam on Tam. You will be redirected to register online on this page.

San Francisco Running Company - Mill Valley
247 Shoreline Highway
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(Highway 1 across from Proof Lab and Equator Coffee)

Event Photo Page

Express yourself and add your photos for everyone to enjoy. Thetrailportal.com and Pacific Coast Trail Runs invite you to share all your Jam on Tam and pictures form downtown Mill Valley here with our partner Crowdpic:

Jam on Tam 2021 Crowdpic Link

Directions and Parking

How to get to the Start
Please click on the following link for Google Maps: Mill Valley Depot Bookstore and Cafe

Or, simply enter the following address into your favorite map app:
87 Throckmorton Ave
Mill Valley, CA 94941
- Local parking is metered with maximum time of 4 hours or you can find free parking on the local streets nearby.
- Lovell Ave and Bayview Ave offer some meter free parking.

Trail Insider Tip: If you have someone with you that doesn't want to run with you, then they can drive to the top of east peak to welcome you at the 3.3 mile marker. Or, they can go grab something to eat or shop at the nearby small business in downtown Mill Valley.


Results Options
Any time you sign up for an Open Course event that is enabled by PWR Lab, you have two options for submitting entries:

  1. Automatically syncing & Verified results backed up by GPS data
  2. Or simple manual entry by computer or phone to race specific data entry (This is for our Off-Course Leaderboard). Manual entries will be submitted on the honor system. Please note: you will NOT be on the "On-Course Leaderboard".
How to Submit
For Verified results:
  1. Register for the event through UltraSignup
  2. Create a PWR Lab account using the same email address that is associated with your UltraSignup account
  3. If your UltraSignup account & PWR Lab account use the same email address, they will automatically be linked, and your results will automatically come through
  4. If your UltraSignup and PWR Lab accounts use different email addresses, there's one additional step to take in order to link them.
For Manual results:
  1. You do NOT need a PWR Lab Training App account to submit manual entries
  2. You only need:
    - your UltraSignup account email address (which you used to register)
    - your assigned bib number for the event
  3. Click the "Submit Results" button on the Leaderboard, Sign In, and submit the form
How to Record “Verified” Entries
  1. Record as a 'run', start the watch, run the course, stop the watch. Details below
    Make sure you are set to record a 'running' or 'trail running' activity type
    Note: using the settings as "walking", "hiking", "trekking", etc will not be processed for event results. You can, of course, WALK, HIKE, and/or TREK as you please
  2. "START" the activity (at the official course starting point, if running on-course)
    Note: Give your device time to achieve GPS lock before starting
  3. Complete your run as a single, continuous activity
    Note: pausing will not stop the clock. We only use TOTAL time from start to end
    "STOP" the activity (at the official course ending point, if running on-course)
    Note: don't pause and walk away, then stop later. Make sure you end the recording in the correct location, as soon as you get there
  4. Sync device normally (eg sync Garmin watch to Garmin Connect. Your Garmin Connect should be linked to your PWR Lab account, and will send us the data)
    Note: there is no need to (and no way to) directly sync to PWR Lab

Course Information & Maps

Here you will find all data and information necessary for you to have a safe and enjoyable time while participating during the "Jam on Tam" event. We recommend you with print the following if you are unfamiliar with the course. We also recommend at a minimum you download the RunGo App and use while navigating the course.


Printable Map    |    Elevation Profile    |    GPX File    |    RunGoApp (Voice Activated Course App) 

Course Description: The course is one that if you complete it, you will know you have done something special. It has a little of everything. You start on the opposite of the street and sprint (or walk) across the crosswalk as you leave downtown Mill Valley. You reach some stairs that will take you for a short stroll through the neighborhood for a bit before entering one of the steepest pitches on Mt Tamalpais. For some, it's about how fast, for most it’s about the journey to the top - giving a friendly nod or waive to the neighbors, perhaps petting a dog, taking in the views, snap some pics, all as you go from asphalt to dirt to rock to the top. When you get to the top, most will pause and take in the views and maybe even plan for a picnic. Then as you move through the neighboring parking lot atop the East Peak of Mt Tam (yes, you can drive up there), then enjoy your trip down, as its truly all downhill from there. Whatever your way, enjoy it your way. Then, do it faster the next time ;-)

Turn-by-Turn Directions:
Start at the Mill Valley Depot (corner of Throckmorton Ave and Bernard St)
• Start your watch, run across the crosswalk up Bernard street and the Bernard St.Stairs
• Cross Summit Ave
• Left up Tamalpais Ave Stay on Tamalpais until you hit Summit Ave
• Continue up Summit Ave until you reach a steep single track trail 100ft
• Take the Trail and Cross Fern Canyon Rd
• Take the single track to Temepla Trailhead
• Right onto Temepla Trail , cross over Hoo-Koo-E-Koo Fire Rd
• Continue up Temepla Trail until you reach the paved Verma Dunshee Trail
• Sharp right on Verma Dunshee Trail
• Turn left after approx 200 ft to steep single-track trail (before small bridge on path
• Follow the Scramble to the Top of the East Peak and Touch the wood door at the top of the stairs
• Start the descent down,
• Come down the stairs from the door and make a sharp right on to the Plank Trail
• Follow the Plank Trail to the Plank Stairs and make a sharp Left onto the stairs
• Restrooms and Water to your left
• Follow the pavement ROAD to the left to Fern Trail
• Turn Left and go down Fern
• Turn Left to Railroad Grade Fire Rd
• Turn left to Hoo-Koo-E-Koo Fire Rd
• Turn Right and go Down Temepla Trail ( you now will follow the same trail back to the start)
• Turn Left and go down short steep single track cross Fern Rd
• Go down Steep single track onto Summit Rd
• At the intersection of Summit and Tamalpais go down Tamalpais
• Cross over Summit Ave and Go down the Bernard Stairs back to the Mill Valley Depot

Park Information

Please keep up to date with the most current information for Mount Tamalpais State Park

Restrooms at start: There are bathrooms near the start at local businesses. Please keep in mind that Covid-19 may restrict certain businesses from opening to you.

Restrooms at 3.3 Mile Mark: There are fully equipped restrooms atop the East Peak climb across the parking lot.

Drinking fountain at 3.3 Mile Mark: There is a water fountain to refill your water bottles as needed.

Trail Insider Tip: The Snack Shack atop East Peak, is open with limited hours. You may wish to check on the time in above links

Local time: 7:32 AM


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