Saturday, Sep 11, 2021

Virgil Crest Ultras

2245 Clute Rd

Cortland, NY 100 Miler, 100 Miler Relay, 100 K, 50 Miler, 50 K

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 11, 2021

Virgil Crest

Virgil Crest Aint For...well, for those looking for things to be more PC, know that Virgil Crest Aint Easy. Ascents and descents can be steep, cumulative gain and loss are significant, and there's always the chance for weather to double down on those challenges. But, the sunrise as you crest the opening climb, the singletrack forest, the less technical footing allowing you to flow when you can, are beautiful. And while there's a certain wonderful adventure to point to point courses, the repeat circuit or loop format allows for easy crew access and increased social connection.

The Course and Cuts

Course Maps and related info can be found here:

Aid Station Grids including time cuts, drop bags, etc... can be found here (note, we've not yet but will updated cutoff times with the hard data accrued in 2021):

Whatchya Get?

In 2021 entrants Ultra entrants received Hoodies, hand-thrown mugs, finisher's medals (buckles for 100 mile finishers), and a post-race meal at Trax Restaurant. We've not yet nailed down the schwag lineup for 2022, but chances are it'll be along those lines, and we'll update this when it is. Portions of profits to be donated to the Virgil Volunteer Fire Department, the Finger Lakes Trail Conference, and clubs that support the event.

Timeline & Logistics

The timeline and logistics for 2022 will updated shortly here:

Pacers and Poles?

100 Mile entrants are permitted pacers at or after 50 miles, or nightfall. All entrants are permitted to use poles, and those over 50 miles who used them in 2021 largely found them beneficial.

Crew Info

Crew information / directions can be found here:


Wanna get a feel for the course and event through images? Check out the 2021 photo set from Ron Heerkens Jr:

Local time: 5:41 PM


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