Saturday, Apr 2, 2022 @ 8:00 AM
Registration Closed Wed. Aug 18, 2021 @ 11:59 PM

A Run the Cohuttas - Corvus Racing Multisport Event!


So let’s get turns out it’s awesome to love more than one sport! Run the Cohuttas and Corvus Racing are excited to announce the 2nd running of an event that blends running and gravel racing together! Runners and bikers will not only be able to share the course but also be able to support each other as the running/riding gets tough. And, well, it certainly will do that!

This is a “last body standing/riding” event.

In the Cohuttas.

Yeah….you guessed it….this is gonna be hard as…. !!

Sound fun? Check out this link which has everything you want to know as a runner or rider:

This page is only hosting the running side of things. If you're here as a rider, please follow the above link to get registration information.

USFS and local permits are in progress and this event will be insured.

Run the Cohuttas and Corvus Racing are local grassroots organizations and cannot offer refunds, transfers, or deferments. Every registration fee goes toward the betterment of this and other Run the Cohuttas and Corvus Racing events as well as the on-going trail maintenance efforts on and off courses used for events. We cannot issue refunds if the race gets cancelled due to inclement weather. Your understanding is appreciated!

Day-of registration is allowed - EXACT CASH-ONLY $75

The deadline to register and be GUARANTEED a T-shirt and other swaggy items is March 15.

Local time: 8:05 AM


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