Sunday, Oct 24, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

Pumpkin Butt

Kennesaw, GA 50K

This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 24, 2021

The run is open to GUTS members only, join if you must! Due to park permit limitations this is classified as a run and it is not official

PUMPKINS: Each runner should bring along one fine pumpkin (no gourds plz! But chose wisely you may end up carrying it). We will also be collecting can goods to donate to the local food bank.

AWARDS: There might be pie for the winners….

PUMPKIN CARRYING: There will be plenty of lovely pumpkins available to runners for the purpose of giving the pumpkin a ride to the top of the mountain. Any runner who brings back their pumpkin, unharmed, will be given a special prize. You gotta run at least 2 loops before carrying a pumpkin

AID: Aid station located at start/finish area (available once per loop).
PARKING: Parking is limited, so please carpool! Mulkey parking lot


LOOP: Every loop goes to the top of the mountain! The first loop will be run clockwise, with subsequent loops alternating direction.
First loop description: head west and circle the bottom of the mountain, turn right at the 2nd bench and go towards “the rock” on Pigeon Hill. Then follow the trail to the VERY top of the mountain, descend the trail to the top parking lot, then run down the road, turning right towards the bottom of the road before reaching the visitor’s center – right where the treeline ends (it’s a little over a mile from top parking lot to this turn). Then take a sharp right (really a "180") onto the trail back to the start/finish. Each loop has over 1000 feet of climb. The loop is a combination of smooth dirt, service road, rocky steep single track, and a little asphalt.
Check out the map on the GUTS website: GUTS PB

Local time: 10:13 AM


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