Saturday, May 21, 2022 @ 6:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. May 21, 2022

Backyard Ultra Race Format

This event follows the rules established by Big's Backyard Ultra
The courses is 4.166 miles per yard (lap)
Time limit is 1 hour per yard
No early starts
No late starts
If you fail to finish 4.166 miles in an hour, you're out
The winner is the last runner standing

Arkansas Backyard Ultra Experience

The Arkansas Backyard Ultra Championship takes place at the Historic Big Springs Park in Cotter, Arkansas.

The course is a flat, soft surface out-and-back that follows an old railroad bed along the White River.
The venue is incredibly scenic offering overlook vistas, a natural spring/swimming hole with rope swing, bluff lines, and fishing holes. 

Food will be provided every 6 hours at the "One More Yard Cafe."
A menu will be announced prior to the event so you know what to expect.
There will also be water and electrolyte coolers available throughout the race at the starting area.
All other energy/food support is provided by the runner.

Each runner will have room for a chair and small bag/cooler by the corral.

Once a runner fails to finish a yard they will ceremoniously bang the Backyard gong. This is required.

Standard swag includes shirts. We have also had mugs, prizes, stickers, and hats available to purchase or earn by running a set distance. We vary the swag from year to year.

Team Shenanigans - round up some friends or recruit on site. We'll add up the miles from your top 6 runners for eternal bragging rights. (This is all just fun and games - we'll allow team changes/establishment up to yard 6)

Race Start

6:00am Saturday Morning

Event's current local time: 8:18 PM CT


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