July 21 - September 30, 2021

Yeti 12 Hour Ultra

Yeti 12 Hour

This Event Took Place Thu. Sep 30, 2021


You have enough shirts. For this event you get a custom pair of yeti socks, you cant buy online and are only available at yeti ents. A Yeti Ultra 12hour Foam Trucker Hat. Yeti 12 Hour Finisher Stocker.

Registration / Results

Registration Ends Sept. 30th you have until November to record your results


The event is very limited as to the amount of custom socks and hats we have on hand.

Event Details

Run 7.7 miles every 3 hours in a 12 hour time block for a total of 4 runs.
Time every run and then total together and input your finish time via the results loader button located on the registration page.

Event's current local time: 8:20 AM ET


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