Saturday, Oct 16, 2021
This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 16, 2021

Ultras are what we love!

Wawayanda Ultra is the newest race by a joint effort, Happily Running and Redpoint Productions. Check out some of our other races in 2022 as well! 2022 RACES!


The course is an awesome mix of soft wooded trails, wooden bridges, gravel and rocks. It winds through the hills of Northern Jersey with no non-park road crossings! The routes are a mix of 2 loops, South Loop = 13 miles and the North Loop = 5miles. Full loop totalling 18 miles.

Half Marathon is: Route 1 & Route 2 (South Loop only)
50K is: Routes 1,2,1,3 (South Loop, followed by Full 18 Mile Loop)
50Mile is: Routes 1,2,1,3,1,3 (South Loop, followed by 2 Full 18 Mile Loops)

Aid Stations

There are 3 aid stations: Maraschino, Dam Straight and Main Event.
The Half will visit 1 AS, 50K will have 5 and the 50 Mile will visit 8.

Amazing volunteers will treat you to some great food at each of the stations. We typically like to have Skratch at our events for a drink. There will be the normal ultra running staples, like PB&J, pretzels, chips, some candy and fruit... and of course broth and perogies, but as the day goes on we'll bring in some other things like pizza and burgers, even been known to find some bacon ... we do take requests and are happy to try to accommodate as best we can.

Crew / Pacers

Please let us know if you plan on having a pacer. While we don't charge for pacers, they do take up some food and water, so we need to plan accordingly. Pacers are allowed to start with you after mile 26.
Crews are allowed at both Dam Straight and Main Event, but depending on local rules, our permit , and the amount of folx registered, we may put some restrictions on which distances can have a crews.


Check will start 1 hour before your race start time. ( 5AM for the 50M, 6AM for the 50K, and 8AM for the Half)C
50 Mile cut off is 7pm - with a start time of 6AM , that'll be a pace of about 15:45 per mile.

Local time: 10:29 AM

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