Saturday, Oct 16, 2021
This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 16, 2021

Cancelled Event


Different Kind of Registration...

So, this race has been something we were looking at, but as things go, time got the best of us. With the lack of events in the area and some capacities seemingly decreasing, or interest increasing, we're going have this race this year. Though we're going to try something a little different while registration is open, your card WILL NOT be charged, unless we hit about 40-50 racers. That's the number that seems to make it worthwhile for us, you, and volunteers. As much as we'd love to support even just ONE of you, it might be a little boring for volunteers :)


50k is Each of these routes, repeating Route1 so, 1,2,1,3
Half Marathon is - Route 1 and Route 2

Aid Stations

There will be typical aid station foods - Snacks, gels, PB&J etc. Water and Skratch Drink will be at all aids


Check will start 1 hour before start time. ( 6:30 for the 50k and 8am for the Half Marathon)
Cut off is 5pm - with a race start of 7:30 , that'll be a pace of about 17:30 per mile.

Future Years

Our hope here is to make this a yearly event. Going forward we'll have a 50m 50k and 13.1. So get in on year one!

Swag Etc

You'll get a finishers award of some sort, be it a pint glass, mason jar, or small medal, something to show what you've done for sure. Though in keeping year one costs down, we're not going to have any kind of swag. Hopefully though we can get some other fun goodies out there for you! Stay Tuned.

Local time: 5:14 PM
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