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The Drift 100 28 & 13

For the last 100 years Wyoming cowboys have "drifted" their cattle each fall out of the mountains where they go to to the desert for the winter. The cows want nothing to do with this winter wonderland. Our racers don't have that same sense of self preservation. You will experience Wyoming-- under Wyoming's terms--Wyoming style. Choose your discipline--Ski, Bike, Run-- then set out to complete the course before mother nature finds a way to finish it for you. It is still very much winter up here in March. The temperatures can be sub zero, the wind can be relentless, and snowfall can be measured in feet. If you want a fast manicured course with aid stations every few miles this isn't your race. If you want a true challenge in magical untamed wilderness, join us. You will be glad you did.

For 2022 all 100 mile racers will require a negative PCR covid test within 72 hours of race start.
Mandatory prerace meeting for all 100 mile racers Thursday March 10 at 5:30 pm.
Prerace meeting for 13 and 28 mile races 30 minutes before race start on Sunday morning.

100 mile qualification

The Drift 100 is a high altitude, remote wilderness event. The Drift 100 is difficult. All runners, bikers and skiers will find themselves walking at some point in the course, maybe in blizzard or sub zero or slushy conditions. The weather is at times formidable and visibility may be reduced to the hand in front of your face. All 100 mile racers must be comfortable with winter wilderness travel! In the event of emergency, rescue may not be immediately possible. Although we encourage new ultra racers, (our first ultra was a winter race) - this should not be your first experience in the winter wilderness. Gear systems should be tested prior to race day. Be prepared to toe the line with gear needed to keep yourself warm for hours in sub zero or blizzard conditions. Please be specific when describing qualifications on your registration form. Demonstrate your experience winter and wilderness experience. Please email with questions.

Local time: 3:03 AM


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