Saturday, Oct 8, 2022

Joe's Night Run At The Hamptons

320 Butler Farm Rd, Hampton VA 23666

Hampton, VA 11hrs, 4.4 Miles, 6hrs, 5hrs, Walking Only - Not Racing

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 8, 2022

Joe's Night Run At The Hamptons

Joe's Night Run At The Hamptons is a night running endurance event held on the cart paths at the Hamptons Golf Course in Hampton, VA. There is an 11 hour option, a 5 hour option, and a 12:30 am (yes, 12:30 am) 6 hour option. We also have ruck options for both times. This is a "cart path only" event, meaning we'll be running only on the cart paths on a 4.4 mile loop. It's an old school, low-key event. We'll have lap counters (you yell out your bib number, we write it down). We will have the famous JATR aid station (note we will primarily serve pre-packaged aid due to our location. This is a super easy event to self-crew, as you pass your car every single loop and you will be able to crew directly out of your car. This is an excellent event for those who have not run a night run before, as well as for veteran night-runners.

About the endurance event itself

Parking begins at 6 pm.

Check in and bib pick up from 6:45 pm – 7:15 pm.

Race brief 7:15.

11 hour, 5 hour, and 4.4 miler start at 7:30 pm.

6 hour starts at 12:30 am.

The 4.4 mile loop is on the cart paths of The Hamptons Golf Course. The course will be marked with glow sticks, along with turn signs.

Runners will be able to make one shorter loop (2.4 miles) on their final lap.

Those runners that need a few tenths of a mile to hit a milestone at the end will be permitted to do so on a marked path.

This is a fun, yet challenging course that involves small hills that will prove to be a good challenge as you move farther into the night.

The cart path is enough to allow about 3 people to run next to each other. This is a deceiving course as the hills will “creep up on you” as the night progresses. All runners are required to have a lighting device when running, due to permitting requirements.


We'll have an award for the top 3 women and men for both events. All finishers will receive a finisher's item and a hand branded wooden medal. Age group awards will be mailed out after the event.

Some more logistics

We will have portable restrooms rented for the event in the parking lot. There will be two portable restrooms available on course.

This is a manual loop count event. You will run up to the count tent and call out your number. Details for logistics for counting laps will be included in your race brief email.

The course will be set up so you will have your lap counted and then you can go to your car to crew. The parking lot is small and you will not have to "go out of your way" to get to your car for crewing. Please contact the race director for any specific set up questions.

Event's current local time: 2:36 PM ET


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