May 1 - 31, 2022

PACE Rendezvous 135

Kelowna, BC Virtual 70K, Virtual 135K

This Event Took Place Tue. May 31, 2022


The Rendezvous 135 challenges runners to run the length of Okanagan Lake or 135k, with a minimum of 5,000m elevation gain over 6 consecutive days. The race will be open for the month of June and participants can choose to run any 6 days within the month to complete the challenge, however the 6 days must be consecutive or back to back. If you miss a day, you must start over. You can take less than 6 days to complete the challenge, however not more than 6 and again, the accumulation must be over a maximum of 6 consecutive back to back days. We will mail out race swag within a week of participants completing the challenge and announce the prize winners on July 1st.

Please visit our website for full details. Thank you.


Local time: 4:00 AM


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