Saturday, Dec 3, 2022 @ 7:00 AM

4 Fore 30 Infinity Backyard Ultra

480 Kissick Way

Camdenton, MO Last Man Standing

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 3, 2022

About 4 Fore 30 Infinity

We're back for the 7th year and it's going to be bigger and better than ever!

4 Fore 30 will follow all the rules of Big's Backyard Ultra.

At 7:00am on Saturday, November 16, 2024 everyone will line up at the start and have 1 hour to complete the 4.1667 mile course. Go as fast or as slow as you want, just be done in an hour, because... at 8:00am everyone lines up to do the next loop. At the top of each hour, the process repeats until there is only one person remaining.

All runners will receive race swag and a meal coupon for use.

100% of profits go to the Kids' Harbor Child Advocacy Center.

Backyard Ultra race rules

Rules for the Backyard Ultra

1) Course
. Loop or out and back
. Must be 4 miles 880 feet in length
. Metric equivalent 6.7056 kilometers

2) Starting Corral
. Measured to fit entire starting field
. Corral stays the same size thru out the event
. Participants must be in the starting corral at the bell

3) Starts
. Each loop starts precisely 1 hour after the last
. Warning must be given 3, 2, and 1 minutes prior to start
. All competitors must start at the bell (no late starts)

4) Loops
. Except for restrooms, competitor may not leave the course until each loop is completed
. No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners)
. No personal aid during a loop (common aid stations are allowed)
. Each loop must be completed within an hour to be counted… including the final lap.
. No artificial aids (including trekking poles)
. Slower runners must allow passes.

5) Timing
. Timing of the loops is optional

6) Winner/Results
. The winner is the last person to complete a loop
. All others are technically DNF
. Results of each runner in terms of distance covered are to be given.
. If no runner can complete one more loop than anyone else, there is no winner.

7) Cap
. Race must be open ended.

Start and Time Limit

The race will start at 7:00am on Saturday, November 16 and will continue until there is only one person able to complete a full loop. 2020's race lasted 38 hours, finishing at 9:00pm Sunday. 2023's race ended after 32 hours.


$100 through October 31, 2024
$115 from November 1 until race day.

Race Size

We do not currently have a cap on the race size.

Course description

The 2024 course will be finalized ASAP. For those of you that have run with us in the past, we expect this course to have less elevation change and more runnable surfaces.

Aid Station

There will be a single aid station at the start-finish line.


Several hotels and motels are available a short drive from the course including Old Kinderhook Lodge and the Sleep Inn in Camdenton.


Runners will receive a coupon for a hot meal at the concession stand.


The start-finish area will be lit (figuratively and literally) but you will want to to carry a headlamp or flashlight with you during the night hours.The night before the race will be a full moon. In addition, Ballparks National will have the field lights on throughout the complex. If you plan to run less than 10 hours, lighting will not be needed at any point.


Sorry, there are no refunds. 100% of race profits go to Kid's Harbor. However, you can transfer your bib to another runner up to one week from the race.

Event's current local time: 9:23 AM CT


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