Saturday, Jun 4, 2022 @ 7:00 AM

Nardini Series

Multiple Cities, AZ Grand Slam, Ultra Series, Evolution Series, Triple Crown, Double Double

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 4, 2022

Run the Series!

Get loopy in 2022 with a series that's fun for the whole family! Become a fixed-time master this year with three opportunities to push beyond your limits on the 500-meter track at Nardini Manor! Warm-up at the hottest fixed-time race in June starting with the Jackrabbit Jubilee 12 Hour. Own the day and night with miles of shenanigans at the Hotfoot Hamster 24 Hour in September. And celebrate some winter fixed-time fun at the Fat Ox 48 Hour. Do all three and piece together a treasure token reserved for those who tread thrice at Nardini! Register early for the series that leads to the biggest New Year’s celebration in fixed-time racing, Across the Years, and save by choosing one of the six series options below!


NARDINI DOUBLE DOUBLE: New to fixed time racing? Dip your toes into fixed-time fun with 6 Hours at the Jackrabbit Jubilee! Then double it at Hotfoot and double it once more at the Fat Ox! 6/12/24 Hours of racing will grant you pro-status at Nardini!


NARDINI TRIPLE CROWN: Elevate your goals and push yourself to the limit at each of the three Nardini races: 12 hours at Jackrabbit, 24 hours at Hotfoot and 48 at the Ox! Find out what you're made of in 2022!


NARDINI EVOLUTION SERIES: Level up to ATY! Find your strength, hone your skills, and champion a new and longer distance each time with a 6/12/24 Hour at Nardini. Then celebrate your year by finishing with 48 Hours at Across the Years! Do you see a buckle in 2022?


NARDINI ULTRA SERIES: Run with the big dogs and take on the longest fixed time options at each race: 12/24/48 and put your training to the test with three days at Across the Years! There's some bling for big miles at each race this year!


A challenge for fixed-time legends! Go for gold by building up to the best fixed-time party of the year at Across the Years! Set goals for each race and push yourself beyond ultra and into history by taking on a year of racing in circles. Grand Slam runners who achieve an accumulative 500 miles in the series earns a custom buckle awarded at the conclusion of the ATY 6 Day. Who will take the challenge?

Local time: 6:37 PM

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