Saturday, Mar 12, 2022 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 12, 2022


Register now through New Year's Day for a special discounted price.


The course is a half mile loop 90% packed dirt, 10% concrete. Super fast for setting some Personal Records!

Something For Everyone

The festivities start at 8am on Saturday and will run for 24 hours, until 8am on Sunday March 13th 2022. We will host a 5k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, 6 hour, 12 hour, 100 Miler, 24 hour, 12 Hour Relay, and 24 Hour Relay along side our FREE kids running event! There truly is SOMETHING for EVERYONE. This is your #NOEXCUSES running event.

Whether you're participating in the 5k, the super fun relay, half marathon, full marathon, the 6 hour, the 12 hour, running the 24 hour Ultra division, pushing for a 100 mile PR, or simply supporting a friend, this event is always FUN!.. And most importantly it's all about the kids. Let's raise some funds for our young runners and inspire our youth to stay active and healthy!

Running the 5K?

• FundRACING is optional but HIGHLY encouraged in the 5K Category. Once you register here on Ultrasignup, you will receive the same link to set up a personal FundRACING page. Do it! You will support amazing kids, schools, and programs. Plus, it feels really good! Don't worry, we make fundraising easy! We have set up a charity page for you to join and share. Simply click JOIN at the link from our email and you are good to go!

Feel Good. Do Good.

28 years ago one teacher, in one classroom, made a commitment to her students - to help them find joy in school and become happy, healthy, and connected. With the goal to make fitness a way of life she challenged them to run or walk 100 miles in a single school year. The success of these students led to the formation of the 100 Mile Club®, that has since expanded to over 5,000 schools in all 50 states across the country. Now it's time to celebrate another year and support some awesome kids with our Run4Kids 24 Hour Running Party!


Not in the area and want to participate? Join the Run4Kids Day VIRTUAL 5K! If you are running the 5K virtually, you may run it any time the weekend of March 13-15. Your medal will ship to you within 14 days after the event. Shipping is included in your registration, so you are good to go!

Course Description/ What to Bring

Bring your own "aid" station (food, drinks, water, ice chests, camping stove (no fires), etc), tent, or any gear you need (chairs, sleeeping bags, towels, etc). We will host a small aid station with coffee, soup, and some snacks.

You can set up alongside the course in our designated area, with quick access to your personal station every 1/2 mile. This is great for new ultra marathon runners. You can really test yourself without the added risk of being stuck miles from your next "aid" station.

Make sure to bring your headlamps/ flash lights and any other gear you'd normally use during your races. The track is flat, mostly packed dirt with a small concrete section. It may be cold at night and hot during the day. Be prepared for a 50 degree swing in temps.

This is an excellent course for individuals looking for PR's. The course is flat, 1/2 mile loop, wide enough for easy passing in most areas.

Running with our 100 Mile Club kids is so much FUN! YOU WILL feel their energy! From prior years feedback, "YOU WILL feel like a super hero when you see the kids smiling faces and hear them cheering you on!"

Runners will be allowed up to 30 hours to complete 100 miles, with a requirement of being at 85 miles by 24 hours.

The Run4Kids 24Hr Running event is part of The Southern California's UltraRunner's Grand Prix Series.


Challenging all run clubs and teams to come out and represent!
-The 12 Hour Relay teams can have up to 10 runners participate. If you have less than 10 participants, no worries you can still compete (you'll just have to work a little harder).
-The 24 Hour Relay teams can have up to 20 runners per team. If you have less than 20 participants, no worries you can still compete (you'll just have to work a little harder).
-Each team captain will be responsible for the entire teams registration. We only collect the registration fee from 1 person from each team. Its up to your team members on how you want to reimburse your team captain.
-This is the perfect opportunity to build team camaraderie, have a blast, and help your community. As your registration fees go towards youth sponsorships within the 100 Mile Club.


If you're interested in showcasing your business or running club, please reach out to for details.


Sign up, show up, run hard and be happy. You MUST follow these 2 steps... • (STEP 1) Register here on ULTRASIGNUP. Once your registration on Ultrasignup is complete, you will receive a link via email to Complete step 2. • (STEP 2) Set up your personal or team Run4Kids FundRACING page. Don't worry, we make fundraising easy! We have set up a FUNdRacing page for you to join and share. Oh! ...and we have SUPER special awards and incentives for epic FundRacing efforts. Contact us for more info at .

Local time: 9:46 PM


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