Saturday, Nov 19, 2022 @ 6:30 AM

Fall Creek 100

2009 Village Camp Rd

Spencer, TN 100 Miler, 50 Miler, 33 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 19, 2022

Fall Creek 100

Fall Creek 100 takes a tour of Fall Creek Falls, one of the biggest and most visited parks in Tennessee. All distances pass through the Upper Loop of the park, take a suspension bridge over Cane Creek, skirt right by the overlook for the 256-foot namesake of the park (spoiler: it's a waterfall), spend several miles running right along the shoreline of Fall Creek Falls Lake (depending on race distance) before going right up to a firetower on their way back to the finish. The 50 and 100 milers also go over to Piney Creek Falls and go over that suspension bridge twice as their course includes the Western half of the Lower Loop trail.

It's a really wonderful park that's a lot of fun to run in. Pine forest; mossy, fern-lined tracks running along creeks; bridges; gentle, chill's really cool. A lot less rocks and roots than the average trail for the area. Mild rollers throughout.


2022 Update:
The course has been updated due to a downed bridge.
33 miler = 2,700ft of climbing
50 miler = 4,100ft of climbing
100 miler = 8,200ft of climbing

32 hour cutoff for 100s.
14 hour cutoff for 50s and 33s.


From Chattanooga: 1 hour West
From Nashville: 2 hours Southeast
From Knoxville: 2 hours West
From Huntsville: 2.5 hours Northeast
From Atlanta: 3 hours North
From Birmingham: 3.5 hours Northeast


4+ weeks from event: 100% refund/deferral
2 - 4 weeks from event: 50% refund, 100% race credit/deferral (Refund is default on US, email first for credit/deferral)
1 week from event: 50% race credit


33 and 50 milers get resin waterfalls. 100 milers get buckles (designs forthcoming).

Local time: 4:53 PM


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