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Dare Mighty Things

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." -Theodore Roosevelt

50 Miler Moved to September

We met in a local bar in the mid 2010s. It was a Saturday evening. Alede played on the sound system. We sat next to each other on the only two open barstools. At the time, we thought it was love at first sight. We appreciated each others’ ridiculous elevation change and quirky, broken-windshield race format.

We've had a lot of adventures together.

We've seen hubris-filled men reduced to puddles of tears.

We've raised two beautiful, smart, wonderful orange traffic cones--we couldn't be more proud of that.

But things change and time has a way of pulling events apart. While we'll have joint custody of the cones, and we'll continue sharing whatever leftover veggie broth powder doesn't get ruined from the thunderstorms, we will henceforce be on different weekends. 100 miler in July, 50 miler in September. Thank you for your understanding and support during this transition.

-Ouray 100 and Ouray 50


With over 40k feet of gain for the 100 miler (and over 20k feet gain for the 50), this will be one of the most difficult things you ever attempt. Lucky for you, Ouray (dubbed the "Switzerland of America") is also one of the most beautiful places in the world. Situated in the rugged and stunning San Juan Mountain range in southwest Colorado, your senses will be just as overwhelmed with the views as your quads and lungs are with the relentless climbs. When you top out at the Bridge of Heaven after the final 5,000 foot climb, you will know it is all downhill to Fellin Park where your big belt buckle and the Ouray Hot Springs await.


50 mile finishers will receive the same buckle used in previous years. However, beginning in 2022, runners who slay the 100 mile course will receive one of the baddest buckles in all of ultrarunning made by the artisans at Sheridan Buckle Company in New Mexico.

Service Requirement

Each participant is required to complete (8) hours of volunteer service between August 1, 2022 and September 1, 2023.

This can be volunteering at a trail ultramarathon or performing physical trail work. Crewing/pacing/coaching do not qualify.

Opt Out Fee - Participants may opt out of the service requirement by making a $100 donation to Ouray Trail Group. This option is available at checkout.

Entrants who have not submitted their service form or paid the opt out fee by September 10, 2023 will forfeit their registration fee and not be permitted to participate in the event. No exceptions.

Service form can be found on our website (

No Longer UTMB Qualifier

Beginning in 2022, we will no longer go through the process to be a UTMB qualifier.


Two videographers followed Avery Collins during the 2016 event. If you want a little taste of what this event is all about, give this documentary a gander. Free for Amazon Prime members.

North Face Japan followed runner Hiroki during the 2019 event.

Cash Purse / Drug Testing

Top male 100 mile finisher will receive $1,000. Top female 100 mile finisher will receive $1,250. Top male 50 mile finisher will receive $500. Top female 50 mile finisher will receive $625. The payment of these cash awards will be subject to the results of urine and/or blood testing that will be administered to winners immediately after the event. Banned substances tested for will include (but not be limited to) steroids, testosterone, EPO, and THC. (Fear not, Colorado people. Only THC levels above the threshold of 150 ng/ml will trigger a positive result. Doping agencies chose that threshold so that out-of-competition use should not trigger a positive result. In other words, lay off the magic brownies prior to and during the event.)


Friday, 9/15/23, Fellin Park (look for a gazebo)
4:00 - 7:00 PM - Early packet pickup
6:00 PM - Brief pre-race talk (optional, but super useful for learning things like where mountain lions have denned near trails)

Saturday, 9/16/23, Fellin Park
11:00 – 11:45 AM - Race day packet pickup/runner check-in for 50 milers
12:00 PM - 50 mile start, (24 hour cutoff)

Sunday, 9/17/23, Fellin Park
11:00 AM - Formal drug testing samples collected from 1st place finishers (***winners may also be required to provide urine and/or blood samples after crossing the finish line***)
12:00 PM - Cutoff for official finish, both events
12:30 PM - Award ceremony

Live Tracking

Racers will be required to carry a SPOT tracker during the race. (We will provide this, even if you already own one.) Runners' locations will be updated every five minutes on a route map on our website through a third-party interface.

No Whining

Non Laurus Luctatio

“Not the prize but the struggle”

This event is about as tough as they come while still being doable (this is no Barkley, our oldest finisher was 62). It's low key, no frills, and old school. This event goes against the grain of the everyone's-a-winner, participant-trophy nonsense that seems to be creeping into the sport. If you survive this bad boy, you'll uneventfully pass through two orange cones and be handed a cold piece of metal you can wear on a belt. With pride.

Event's current local time: 5:40 AM MT


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