Saturday, Apr 15, 2023 @ 7:00 AM

Serengeti Trail Races

Bates Canyon Trail Head

Erda, UT 50K, 25K, 6.2 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 15, 2023

Race Simply

We create our events, especially our courses, to give you a beautiful, challenging experience, racing in the foothills and mountains of Tooele County's Oquirrh Mountains!

Our prices are low - we don't give out gimmicky race entry bags full of clutter you'll never use; we don't hand out finisher's awards that will end up in a drawer somewhere; and we don't play thumping music, announce finishers over a PA, or display flashy finish line arches.

The course is where it's at. Each year, we like to keep things interesting by changing up the course routes! Always with an eye for scenery and the challenge: what will the runner see as they're flying down wooded single-track or as they crest a tough climb? Would it be more of a challenge to climb a mild dirt road or a rocky, technical ravine trail? Each of these distances will treat you to challenging trail conditions and beautiful views of the surrounding Oquirrh & Stansbury Mountain Ranges, the Tooele Valley, and the Great Salt Lake, with Stansbury Island rising out of it.

Our aid station(s) will be adequately stocked to help you get to the finish line.

The vibe will be very low-key; but you'll face stiff competition, whichever distance you choose.

The top three men & women in each distance will receive a modest award.

We look forward to having you, and are excited to show off some off the great trails the Oquirrh's have to offer!

6th Annual Serengeti Trail Races!!!

Tooele County is home to the Serengeti/Oquirrh Wave trail system, situated at the feet of the Oquirrh Mountains. These courses will appeal to the beginner and experienced trail runner alike. You will traverse technical atv trails and beautiful single-track; take in sweeping views of the Tooele Valley, Great Salt Lake, and distant Stansbury Mountain Range; and enjoy the beauty and solitude of getting off the asphalt and onto the dirt.

50k Course

The 50k course will be a double-dose of the 25k course - washing machine style! Counter-clockwise for the 1st lap (along with all the 25k'ers), then clockwise for the 2nd lap.

Dirt Road/ATV Trail - 57%
Single-Track - 28%
Double-Track - 15%
The total vert will be approximately 4,600 ft!

25k Course

Starting at an approximate elevation of 4,600 ft, runners will head south on an undulating dirt road for 2.1 miles (4,500 ft), where they will turn east. At mile 2.5 (4,700 ft), runners will head northwest-by north along a roller coaster of a pole line road. At mile 4.5 (4,900 ft), runners will turn west. At mile 4.6 (4,850 ft), runners will turn north, heading toward the mouth of the BBC (mile 4.7).

Runners will head east, ascending beautiful, wooded single-track, where they will join up with Bates Canyon Rd at mile 5.5 (5,300 ft). A hairpin turn will take runners northwest, then north along a dirt road, where they will reach the green pedestrian gate, granting access to the Pole Canyon Trail (mile 6.2; 5,250 ft). After passing through the gate, runners will climb 1 mile northeast, heading toward the mouth of Pole Canyon. At mile 7.2 (5,750 ft), runners will turn north, then west, descending the beautiful, wooded North Pole Canyon Ravine Trail. At mile 8.2 (5,200 ft), runners will pass through another green pedestrian gate, arriving at the first aid station.

After refueling and rehydrating, runners will briefly descend northwest, where at mile 8.3, they will turn northeast. At mile 8.8 (5,100 ft), the road will descend northwest for 0.6 miles, where at mile 9.4 (4,725 ft), runners will turn north for another 0.4 miles. At mile 9.8 (4,600 ft), runners will turn due east, climbing for 0.6 miles. At mile 10 (4,750 ft), runners will head north for 0.2 miles, where they will turn northeast, then north for 0.9 miles. At mile 11 (4,600 ft), runners will descend to the west for 0,4 miles, dropping down to 4,400 ft.

Runners will follow a southward trending road for 1.8 miles, where, at 12.8 (4,500 ft) they will turn due west for another 0.5 miles. At mile 13.3 (4,400 ft), runners will climb to the south for another mile, where at mile 14.3 (4,650 ft), they will descend to the south for 0.4 miles, joining up with a single-track trail that heads south. After heading south on on this trail, they will reach a road at mile 15.1 (4,500 ft), where they will head southeast for 0.1 miles, then southwest for the last 0.25 miles to the Finish Line!

Dirt Road/ATV Trail - 57%
Single-Track - 28%
Double-Track - 15%
The total vert for this course will be approximately 2,300 ft.

10k Course

Starting at an elevation of 4,600 ft, runners will head east up Bates Canyon Rd for 0.6 miles, where they will turn north briefly, then east, to ascend the BBC - a beautiful 0.8 mile single-track trail, climbing through the woods. At mile 1.5, runners will join a dirt road, where they'll make an immediate hairpin turn to the north, then travel northwest-north for another 0.6 miles. Here, you will pass through the green pedestrian gate and climb east, up the Pole Canyon trail. After climbing for 1 mile and 400 ft, you will turn north briefly, then descend northwest for 1 mile, through beautiful, wooded single-track. At mile 4.2, you will pass through another green pedestrian gate and arrive at the aid station.

After refueling and rehydrating, runners will head southwest/south for 0.3 miles, watching carefully for the westward single-track turnoff at mile 4.5, to descend down the slopes 300 ft and 1 mile. At mile 5.5, you will jump onto a dirt road, heading south for 0.2 miles, then descend 0.7 miles to the southwest, to the Finish Line.

The total vert for this course will be approximately 1,200 ft.
Single-Track - 45%
Dirt Road/ATV Trail - 37%
Double-Track - 18%

USATF Santioned

This event is USATF sanctioned.

Event's current local time: 8:46 AM MT


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