Saturday, Jul 8, 2023

Whiterock Ultra

1314 Fig Avenue

Coon Rapids, IA 50 Miler, 50K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 8, 2023


Join us on Saturday, July 27 at the Whiterock Conservancy in Coon Rapids, Iowa, for the sixth running of the Whiterock Ultra! All race-day activities will be held on the trails of the scenic and sprawling Whiterock Conservancy.


Whiterock is a 5,500-acre nonprofit land trust nestled along seven miles of the Middle Raccoon River Valley. This hidden gem in central Iowa has 35 miles of scenic trails and balances sustainable agriculture, natural resource protection and public recreation on the landscape.

Our goal is to raise visibility for the beauty and accessibility of Whiterock and to support its conservancy efforts.
**Proceeds from this race will be donated back to Whiterock Conservancy.**


The athlete guide will be made available on our website approximately one week before the race:


50K: The 50K race will start on Saturday, July 27, at 7 a.m. The course consists of three loops: a RED loop, WHITE loop and BLUE loop (loop descriptions below). Cutoff time for the 50K: 5 p.m. (10 hours). The 50k course has approximately 3,000 feet of climb.

50 Mile: The 50-mile race will start 7 hours earlier on Friday, July 26… at 12:01 a.m., midnight! The 50-mile consists of two RED Loops, two WHITE loops, and one BLUE loop. Cutoff time for the 50 mile: 5 p.m. (17 hours). The 50 mile course has approximately 5,000 feet of climb.

**NOTE: There will two full aid stations that runners will pass through every 7-8 miles. See below for turn-by-turn descriptions of each loop.


Whiterock Ultra is about an hour from Des Moines, and 1.5 hours from Omaha, making it easily accessible for runners looking for a scenic race with an easy drive to and from.

Whiterock Conservancy
1314 Fig Avenue
Coon Rapids, IA 50058

From Des Moines: From the I35/I80, take exit 127 for Highway 141. Take 141 North until you reach Fig Ave [ N56]. Turn left (south) on Fig Ave [N56] for two miles until you come to a bridge. Turn left (east) into the River Campground (start/finish) just before the bridge.

From I80 East: Take exit 60 onto US 71 N in Pymosa. Turn right onto US-71 N for 12.7 miles to IA 44 East. Turn right onto IA 44 East for 9.4 miles to Chestnut Road. Turn left (north) onto Chestnut Road for 13.8 miles and continue onto State Highway 73 for a little over 1 mile to IA-141 East. Turn right onto IA-141 E and follow signs for Whiterock Conservancy and the River Campground (start/finish).

From I80 West: Take exit 60 onto US 71 N in Pymosa. Turn left onto US-71 N for 12.7 miles to IA 44 East. Turn right onto IA 44 East for 9.4 miles to Chestnut Road. Turn left (north) onto Chestnut Road for 13.8 miles and continue onto State Highway 73 for a little over 1 mile to IA-141 East. Turn right onto IA-141 E and follow signs for Whiterock Conservancy and the River Campground (start/finish).


Email us at!


Custom awards to the top 3 finishers (male & female) for the 50K and 50 mile. All finishers will receive a unique award.


No refunds or rollovers will be allowed after Thursday, June 27, 2024, which is 30 days prior to race day.

Transfers (meaning the transfer of your bib to another runner) will be allowed until Saturday, July 13, 2024.


Whiterock offers a variety of overnight accommodations. There are cabins for rent, two bed and breakfasts within 15 minutes drive or you can camp for a small fee onsite at the race start/finish line! Consider staying for the weekend to enjoy the park and spend time with your running friends.

Additional lodging is available 25 miles away. Restaurants are nearby about 8 miles away.


Hammer Nutrition


The most detailed map is the one that's on the homepage of the Whiterock Conservancy website. Please reference that while reviewing the loop descriptions.


Red Loop (7.6 miles)


  • From the Start/Finish at the River House Barn, head south and cross Fig Ave into the River Campground and head EAST and connect with Main Loop trail

  • The main loop trail will turn and head north up a hill. Turn RIGHT (EAST) onto Bluebell Trail (single track/equestrian/pea gravel), stay on Bluebell until it intersects again with Eastern Spur/Main Loop Trail

  • Take a RIGHT(East) on Eastern Spur/Main Loop, then turn LEFT (North) onto White Oak Trail. Stay on White Oak Trail until it intersects with Eastern Spur/Main Loop Trail.

  • Follow Eastern Spur and Stay RIGHT (West) on Main Loop Trail

  • Follow Main Loop Trail into Oak Ridge Campground.  Water is available here. The trail will go through the campground to 125th St

  • Turn left (West) on 125th St.  Follow 125th St until it comes to a T intersection with Fig Ave.  Continue Straight on Main Loop Trail.

  • Follow Main Loop Trail until Red Rock Climb.  Turn left (South West) on Red Rock Climb.

  • Follow Red Rock climb to  Bobcat Trail. Turn Left (South) on Bobcat Trail.  

  • Follow Bobcat trail to Red Rock Spur.  Turn Left (South) on Red Rock Spur and head back to River House Barn for AID.


White Loop (11.6 Miles)


  • Leave the River House Barn aid station, turn right (West) on Fig Ave over bridge, turn left (South) and connect with Shooting Star Trail

  • Follow Shooting Star trail and turn Right (South) on to Big Dipper Trail

  • Turn Right  (South West) on Little Dipper Loop to head to Star Field campground.

  • Little Dipper trail will enter into Star Field campground. Water is available here.   Signs will be posted to continue East to rejoin Little Dipper Trail.

  • Continue on little dipper and veer right (NE) onto Big Dipper Trail. Stay on Big Dipper until you reconnect with Shooting Star Trail.

  • Turn Right (North) to stay on Shooting Star Trail. Exit Shooting Star trail on to Fig Ave. Runners have the option to stop at River House Barn for AID 300 feet to the East.

  • Exit River House Barn South and turn right (SW) to Fig Ave. Head SW on Fig Ave over bridge. Turn Right (NW) onto Riverside Trail

  • Stay on Riverside Trail until it connects with Long Creek Trail.

  • Turn left (WEST) onto Long Creek Trail; stay on Long Creek Trail until it connects with the 805 spur.

  • Turn right (South) down 805 Spur, past 805 River cabin and reconnect with Riverside Trail.

  • Continue south on Riverside Trail until you return to River House Barn



Blue Loop (11.9 Miles)


  • From the start/finish at the River House Barn, head north up the Red Rock Spur until Redrock Climb

  • Turn right (East) on to Redrock Climb.  Follow Redrock Climb to Main Loop Trail.

  • Turn Left (North) on to Main loop Trail.  Follow main loop trail to End Ln.

  • Turn right (North) on to End Ln (Gravel road).  Follow End Ln to Main Loop Trial.

  • Turn Left (West) then a quick right (North) to get back on to Main Loop Trail.  Follow main loop to Steve Garst Trail.

  • Turn right (North) on to Steve Garst Trail.  Follow Steve Garst Trail into Coon Rapids.

  • Follow Steve Garst Trail until it ends/runs into Main Street. Turn Left (West) on Main Street.  Follow Main Street until 5th Ave.

  • Turn Left (South) on to 5th Ave.  Follow 5th Ave until the Coon Rapids Golf Association and Town Loop Trail.  Follow Town Loop trail under Highway 141

  • Follow Main Loop Trail to Garst Family Lake - AID STATION.  Continue Straight (South) to go around Garst Family Lake and go up Completely Unnecessary Hill.

  • Follow Lake Loop until it comes to Garst Family Farm Rd.  Turn Left (North) on Garst Family Farm Rd.

  • Continue on Garst Family Farm Rd and then take two quick right turns (South).

  • Follow Town Loop Trail.  Stay on Town loop trail (Right) and head south back to Main Loop Trail.  

  • Connect with main Loop Trail and continue south.  Make a quick right (West) on to Sunrise Trail.

  • Follow Sunrise Trail until it connects to Main Loop Trail.

  • Turn Right (South) on to Main Loop Trail. Follow Main loop trail until 805 Spur.  

  • At 805 Spur, there are three possible routes; Left, straight and right.  Continue straight(South East) on the trail that may not necessarily look like a trail.  This is the Main Loop Trail.

  • Follow the Main Loop Trail to Prairie Spur.  Turn Left (East) to stay on Main Loop Trail. Follow main Loop Trail to Fig Ave.

  • Turn right (East) on to Fig Ave back to River Farm House for FINISH!!!


Sometimes, there are weather events beyond our control. (A little rain in the forecast won’t stop us.) But if there is a threat of more severe weather, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of all participants, volunteers, and spectators. All decisions made by race officials are non negotiable. If we deem the course unsafe because of weather conditions, here’s what you need to know.

Race officials may delay the event, change the route or cancel the race in case of extreme weather or other conditions that may affect the safety and health of participants. We will do everything in our power to hold a safe event. The race can be delayed for a maximum of two hours from start time. If severe weather hasn’t cleared within two hours, the race may be shortened or canceled. The race director in consultation with law enforcement, fire/EMS, Conservancy Staff, and other officials, will monitor the weather and make a decision if any action is necessary.

If the race start of the 50 mile event is delayed more than 2 hours, participants will be entered into the 50Km race starting at 7am.

If the race start of the 50Km event is delayed more than 2 hours the course will be shortened to accommodate a course cut off of 7pm. Aid stations may have little to no support after 5pm so please plan accordingly.

Race officials may decide to shut down or alter the course after the race has started if weather conditions deteriorate and trails are too wet to handle abuse from the race. Runners will be asked to take shelter at the closest aid station or other safe location if weather is severe. If you refuse to take shelter and continue, you do so at your own risk. Aid stations will be unsupported at this time and you will not be eligible for top-finisher awards.

If severe weather alters the event mid race, participants will have their time paused as to when they crossed the River house aid station timing mat. The race will resume 30 minutes after race officials give the all clear. Your time will resume when you check out of the River house aid station by crossing over the timing mat.

Volunteer course marshals will be released from their positions if the race is canceled.

In the event of inclement weather, entry fees are nonrefundable. Proceeds are donated to Whiterock Conservancy and your entry fee has been used to help cover the cost of the event.

If there is excessive rain (>~1”), it is possible that the course may be altered to include some gravel roads as an alternative to the trails.

Event's current local time: 7:10 PM CT


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