Saturday, Mar 18, 2023

The Hunt

Cody Archery Range

Cody, WY 50K, 16 Miler, 6 Miler, Mile

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 18, 2023

1 Mile/6 Mile/16 Mile/50K Trail Run

Saturday, March 9th, 2024
This is the Wyoming trail run of trail runs. You may have your tags, you may do your glassing, but will you run this course? I dare you…

This isn’t about the stalk, this is about the speed – stalk ’em, then pass ’em!

Camo and hunter orange aren't required, but it's more fun if you wear them!

There will be 1 aid station for the 6-Miler, 3 aid stations for the 16-Miler, and 9 aid for the 50K (some stations you'll hit multiple times), all spaced fairly evenly throughout the courses. Aid stations will have water, electrolyte drink, and some light snacks. All aid stations will be CUPLESS. This means you are responsible for carrying your own cup, bottle or hydration pack. If you are doing the 6 or 16-mile races, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND carrying at least a water bottle and dressing in layers. If you're doing the 50K, you are required to carry at least a bottle, but I recommend carrying multiple bottles or a hydration pack, and some light calories. The 16 miler will take you anywhere from 1-4+ hours and the 50K could take you up to 10 hours in potentially cold, windy, and unpredictable weather conditions. Or there could be snow, rain, or both. Come prepared for all types of wonderful Wyoming weather.

Like every good run, there will be free beer/beverages, and burgers at the finish.

2024 Schwag is TBD
50K Map: (map is split into the 2 loops for clarity)
16 Miler:
6 & 1 Mile:


It could be fridgedly cold or there could be moderate spring temps….there may be rattlers, or there may be bears with snow and wind. Dress in layers, bring your bear spray, keep alert, and bring a warm/dry change of clothes for the afterparty!

We recommend running with bear spray and your phone. There will be volunteers stashed throughout the course to ensure safety and help make sure you’re on or near the course. All courses will be marked with colored flagging. Be aware, these trail races will take longer than your road times. Out of respect for our volunteers’ time, we will only allow walkers/hikers on the 1 and 6 mile courses. The 16 miler and 50K are reserved for runners only (just don’t expect to run the whole thing, you mortal). There will be a cut-off of 10 hours for the 50K. We reserve the right to pull a runner from course at any time if it becomes obvious they won't make cut-off, or it feels unsafe.

The start/finish of all races is located at the Cody Archery Range.

Course Maps/Profiles will be posted soon.

Runner Schwag is TBD! Schwag can't be guaranteed if registered after February 19th. No refunds after 2/15/24.


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Event's current local time: 2:14 AM MT


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