Saturday, Apr 13, 2024

Traprock 50

Bloomfield, CT 50K, 17K

50K | 17K

As spots become available, people on the waitlist will be selected. Selection will be based on their order on the list. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected. If you would like to add your name to the list, use the green "Register" button on this page.

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1 Pending Applicant
50K Erin Egan Moodus, CTFeb 27

Waitlist Applicants

42 Applicants
Order  HomeRank
150K photo Steven Starke Jewett city, CT86.0%
217K   Javier Perrone Bristol, CT65.6%
317K   Marie Arnesson Galler Old Saybrook, CT100.0%
417K   Scott Straw Bloomfield, CT73.8%
517K   John Senia Berlin, CT38.9%
650K   Effie Drew Gray, ME86.7%
717K   Melissa Nightingale Amston, AL55.4%
817K   Dan Miller Stratford, CT 
950K   Cary Fridrich Harvard, MA69.1%
1017K   Tj Attanasio West Haven, CT 
1150K   Greg Brousseau Berlin, CT 
1217K   Daniel Haggerty West Hartford, CT60.0%
1350K photo Justin Neuman New Haven, CT88.3%
1417K   John Wolfe Grantham, NH79.7%
1517K   Justin Jetmar North Haven, CT 
1617K   Scott Livingston Bolton, CT79.6%
1750K   Alexander Evans Watertown, CT73.5%
1817K   Robert Fahey Willington, CT 
1917K   Chris Fox Vernon, CT75.9%
2017K   Ricky Bentley North Granby, CT 
2150K   Ed Moak New York, NY80.9%
2217K   Kyle Schulz Providence, RI 
2317K   Max Aronow Bloomfield, CT96.6%
2450K photo Derrick Whynot NEWRY, ME61.9%
2550K   Matt Benson Clifton Park, NY67.4%
2617K photo Emile Baizel Amherst, NH63.3%
2717K   Amy Hoopes Northampton, MA79.8%
2850K   Kevin Duff Hingham, MA 
2917K   Matt Rich Longmeadow, MA58.8%
3017K   Brian O’Hanlon Lebanon, CT 
3150K   Mead Binhammer Brookfield, VT97.3%
3217K   Joe Corcoran West Hartford, CT77.1%
3317K   Verna Lukehart Simsbury, CT 
3450K   Kyle Cosker New Hartford, CT58.8%
3550K   David Crowley Worcester, MA 
3650K   Justin Shields Worcester, MA 
3717K   Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch Glastonbury, CT78.8%
3850K   Sheryl Wheeler Earlton, NY89.7%
3950K   John Snow Cheshire, CT100.0%
4050K   Danny Hartman Easthampton, MA84.3%
4117K   Brian Mulford East Greenwich, RI45.7%
4250K   Benjamin Fiandaca Peterborough, NH