Saturday, Jan 27, 2024 @ 10:00 AM

Beast of Burden - Winter

718 Market Street

Lockport, NY 100 Miler, 50 Miler, 25 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 27, 2024


Yeah...yeah... so, you can run 100 miles. You can run through the hills of the highest mountains and through the heat of the sun in the hot desert valleys but, can you run on a perfectly flat course?  How about on a flat course with a slight chill in the air?  How about on a flat course with a few feet of beautiful white snow and sub zero temperatures?  If you answered, "Yes" to the last question then you're ready to face the ultimate ultra running challenge, The Winter Beast of Burden!  (Don't worry, if you answered, "Yes" to the first 2 questions and not the last one you can still join us for The Summer Beast of Burden in August.)  Either way, get ready for an epic run on the historic Erie Canal and be prepared to unleash the beast inside of you!  


This Ultra is not for the faint of heart! Whether you're looking to take you're ultra running to the next step or you just want some really cool "bling," look no further.  The Winter BoB is sure to be a true test of ones abilities.  In the past we've been very lucky, all of our races took place during a beautiful blizzard.  Over two feet of snow fell during our first event and over a foot of snow fell during our last event.  Who else has a beautiful Winter ultra where the ground is covered by so much beautiful white fluffy stuff? 

Athletes will start at Wide Water’s Marina in Lockport, New York where they will have access to restrooms, showers, warming shelters and what everybody is calling "hands down the best aid stations in the sport!"  Be warned...with all the amenities we offer, you might not want to step back out into the blustery weather.  Once runners leave the marina they run along a paved trail for approximately 1 mile where they will cross one of Lockport's historic draw bridges and continue running on the towpath until they've reached the middle aid station.  Here we provide a place to warm up and fuel up.  You'll run approximately 6 more miles to the turn around and have access to all of the usual ultra running foods.  hot cocoa, Coffee, Coke, Mountain Dew, water, Heed, grilled cheese sandwiches, warm chicken noodle soup, pizza, pancakes, donuts and...well, you'll have to show up to see!
"The Double Beast Buckle" is back!  Not only do we have a really cool belt buckle, we give any 100 mile participant a "Double Beast Buckle" if they can finish both the Winter BoB 100 & Summer BoB 100 in the same calendar year. 

So, You think you've got what it takes?  We generally sell out every race so don't wait, sign up today and get ready to unleash The Beast!

Event's current local time: 9:20 PM ET


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