Saturday, Feb 17, 2024 @ 9:00 AM

The Raven 24-Hour

100 Ann Edwards Lane

Mount Pleasant, SC 24hrs, 100 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 17, 2024


Given 24 hours on a track, how many miles can you run? Come find out with us on February 17th when we'll be running on the Town Hall track in Mt Pleasant, SC for 24 hours!

The Raven is a USATF sanctioned race, record eligible. The forecast is for a high of 64°F, a low of 48°F, and the rubberized track has lots of shade. It's the ideal race for setting a record or qualifying for a U.S. National Team.
40 slots are available for this 24-hour event. Entry will be prioritized for runners looking to qualify for a U.S. National Team or to set a record (Please see below for qualifications). Entry is open for all and will be accepted in order of “A” and “B” standards until capacity is reached. All runners must join the waitlist if they would like to be considered for entry. Exceptions can be made and must be discussed with the Race Director in order for those not meeting the standards to be approved. The race will begin at 9:00 a.m.


Runners meeting the following "A" standards will be given first priority, and those meeting "B" standards will be given second priority. All runners are encouraged to join the waitlist if they wish to run. All applicants will be reviewed to determine the field with "A" and "B" standards being given priority. Applicants will then be ranked until capacity is reached.

Men: “A" Standards:
  • 100k: 7:30:00
  • 100 Miles: 14:00:00
  • 24-Hour: 150 Miles
Men: "B" Standards:
  • 100k: 8:00:00
  • 100 Miles: 15:30:00
  • 24-Hour: 135 Miles
Women: “A” Standards:
  • 100k: 8:30:00
  • 100 Miles: 16:00:00
  • 24-Hour: 135 Miles
Women: “B” Standards:
  • 100k: 9:30:00
  • 100 Miles: 17:30:00
  • 24-Hour: 125 Miles

Notable Performances

2023: Camille Herron ran 12:52:50 to set World and American Records and Masters Records.

2024: Colleen Drahos qualified for the 24 Hour USA Team with a relentless 130.68 miles. Evan Rogotzke completed 100 miles in 13:58:38. Last but certainly not least, we had several age group records, including Larry Stephens' 200k AG World Record.

U.S. 24-Hour Team Qualifier

If you intend to qualify for the U.S. 24-Hour Team, please let us know. The Raven will be run on a rubberized track that is eligible by USATF. The event is also sanctioned by USATF, making it a valid qualifier for the U.S. 24-Hour Team.


You may leave the track at any point in time during the race, but you must stay inside the fence and you must return to the same place before continuing. You may not leave and return directly by the timing equipment to avoid double counting a lap. Every 4 hours we will change the direction of travel. Your number of laps, distance, and race will be shown on an electronic display near the start.

Race Course and Facilities

The course is a USATF certified 400-meter rubberized track located at the Town Hall in Mt. Pleasant, SC.
The track will have lights on through the night, so runners should not need to wear a headlamp. Two porta-potties will be located near the track to ensure that competitive athletes can quickly and conveniently access restroom facilities.

The gymnasium, which has men's and women's restrooms with showers as well as a kitchenette, will be open during the event. The kitchenette is equipped with a fridge, coffee machine and microwave that we are welcome to use.

Aid Station

The aid station will have water, electrolyte drinks, sodas, and foods (such as PB&J, gummies, chips, and bananas). There will be limited hot foods consisting of broth, soup, quesadillas, omlets, and coffee. Athletes should take care of their own special dietary needs and bring any additional food items they require.


All entrants will be registered for the 24-hour event. Entrants will receive results for their 100-mile split (if they reach that distance) and their results for the full 24 hours.
All national records achieved will be reported to USATF for ratification within 10 calendar days from the conclusion of the competition. All world’s best records performances will be reported to the IAU for ratification within 10 calendar days from the conclusion of the competition.


We cannot produce this event without the help of an amazing volunteer team. If you would like to join our volunteer team, we are looking for help with event setup, main aid station, timing, and event breakdown.

Event's current local time: 3:37 PM ET


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