Sunday, Jan 7, 2024 @ 7:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sun. Jan 7, 2024

Course Description & Information

Event will take place at Kissena Park.

Runners will have up to 10 hours to complete a 2.07 mile loop 15 times. This is a paved bike path and there will be pink flags every 1/4 mile so just follow them.

Water, Gatorade, gels, salt, snacks, and a wide assortment of foods will be available throughout the day at the sole aid station at the front of the course. You will also get hot soup, hot cocoa, coffee, tea and hand warmers available all day long.

Special swag given to the first 17 people to sign up.

Beautiful finisher medals and finisher awards for top 3 overall. All runners will receive a high quality technical long sleeve t-shirt that will be an incredible addition to your collection. Optionally, you may purchase a coffee mug as well when you sign up.

Come join us for a chilly but awesome time braving the elements at our inaugural race.

If you’ve never attempted the distance or an ultra, or you are a seasoned veteran who can’t get enough of long distance, this race is for you. I promise, we will try our hardest to get you over that finish line because we want every runner, fast or slow, to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

NEW: (1) GO THE DISTANCE - All runners may continue running beyond their 50K finish for as long as the clock is going. All runners will be credited for partial loops. Whoever runs the most miles in 10 hours will receive a special “Ultimate Flamingo” trophy with a custom engraved plate commemorating their distance (plate to be mailed post race). However, the winner of the race is whoever finishes the 50K in the fastest time.

(2) 70K BIG CHILL BONUS - Any runner who is able to run a 70K (43 miles) within the 10 hours will receive a “Big Chill” high quality hoodie commemorating this achievement.

(3) PARKING - There isn’t any parking at the park itself, unfortunately. However, see the map below. The start line and finish line are both right by the public restrooms, so you want to park somewhere close to there. There is plenty of street parking, especially early morning on a winter Sunday. There’s also some parking garages you can use which are relatively inexpensive.

(4) BAG STORAGE - You should be able to leave all your belongings in a heated tent onsite, so don’t worry too much if you have to park a few blocks away.

(5) PACING - Pacers are allowed beginning at 10AM, 3 hours after the race starts. They don’t require special bibs. You do not need to notify me. But they cannot be on the course before this time or I’ll ask them to leave until the appropriate time if I or a volunteer notice them. This is to avoid course congestion and also to allow all runners to perform unaided for several hours during the peak of their powers.

Event's current local time: 3:32 AM ET


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