Saturday, Mar 23, 2024 @ 10:00 AM

TruStrength "Uphill Will" 24 Hr skimo

Mt Abram Ski area

Greenwood, ME Vertical Challenge

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 23, 2024

24 Hr vertical

This annual fundraiser event challenges skiers to see how much vertical they can climb on ski (or snowshoes, (for miles)new this year!) in 24 hours! Will you be able to climb the equivalent of Mt Washington? Or Mt Whitney? Or the Great One Denali? What about Everest in a day!?! (Our current course record is 44,000 ft, come set the new one!)

Register today and find out what you've got in your legs on March 23rd. This event benefits the non profit TruStrength Tomorrow to provide low income youth with scholarships for mentorship through fitness programs such as our high school uphill ski club. So your suffering goes to a great cause! Even if you can't race, you can still help one of these youngsters "climb their Everest" by making a donation today. We have different fundraising levels to achieve as well.

Course Details

The exact course will be dictated by snow conditions and Mt Ops/Patrol the week prior to the race, but generally we use a single day time route that is least likely to interfere with downhill traffic while still achieving the most direct 1,000 ft of vert per lap. Skiers may descend any open trail of their choosing. Once the resort closes for the night we shift the course slightly to become even more direct. Skiers may still descend any open line of their choosing.
Racers are required to use only the approved course set by the mountain and race director in order to count those laps. Racers warned about leaving the course will be DQ'd from official results.
The course will be wanded for day use and lanterned for the night portion of the course. The mountain does have some working ski lights on course as well.
Skiers may leave the course any time for breaks or to sleep but they must inform timing staff if they intend to take a break longer than 30 mins so our staff isn't looking for you on course.
All laps must be completed by 9am on Sunday morning in order for them to be counted towards official vertical.

Snowshoes - The resort does not allow people to descend the ski trails on snowshoe so they are requiring us to set up a separate course from the skiers. This course will likely consist of about 1.5-2 miles per loop with 300 ft of vert


We will provide an aid station table at the timing area with water, electrolytes, and typical race food fare but we will rotate hot foods and soup in every few hours: normally we offer grilled cheese, pizza, ramen, etc through the evening hours.
We normally end with fresh fruit pie served with hot coffee for breakfast celebration!

Any skier not participating in the event but hoping to "do a support lap" must purchase an uphill ticket to be on ski property.

Skiers can bring their own aid and set up support for themselves in designated areas.

Event's current local time: 10:55 AM


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