Saturday, May 18, 2024

SMR Mayapple Trail Runs

197 Glen Ave

Millburn, NJ 50 Miler, 50K, 20 Miler, 10 Miler, 5 Miler, Kids 1 Mile Run

This Event Took Place Sat. May 18, 2024

SMR Mayapple Trail Runs

Runners are invited to register for the 15th annual Mayapple Trail Runs to be held on Saturday, May 18, 2024 in beautiful South Mountain Reservation in Essex County, N.J. The races are organized by the volunteers of the South Mountain Conservancy (SMC) with the support of the Essex County Parks Department. We also receive invaluable support from Sassquad Trail Running, which generously provides volunteer support for race timing and general event assistance.

Race Details

The USA Track and Field sanctioned races provide an informal but supportive trail race environment for runners who are up to the challenge of completing 10 miles, 20 miles, 50K (31 miles), or 50 miles. FOR THE FIRST TIME, A SHORTER, EAST-WEST 5-MILE LOOP USING NEW TRAILS IS BEING OFFERED..All proceeds support the mission of the Conservancy as a steward and advocate for the park and its public programs (go to for more information).

There are three race loops, east (E) and west (W), each just over 10 miles, and the 5-mile W-E loop.. The 50K and 50-mile runners all start at 8:30 a.m. with the east (E) loop. The 50K runners complete two additional loops (E, W, E in total), and the 50-milers complete four additional loops (E, W, E, W, E in total). The 5, 10 and 20-milers start at 9:30 a.m. with the 5-milers going counterclockwise on their loop, and the others start on the west loop. The 10-milers run only the west loop; the 20-milers then complete the east loop as well. The Kids Run is on a separate one-mile course that overlaps the east loop for the first half mile. All races will end at 9:30 p.m. EDT, 13 hours after the 8:30 start. (Sunset is at 8:05 p.m.)

These start times allow runners to travel via train from Penn Station, NYC, to Millburn on New Jersey Transit's Morris-Essex Line. There are 7:11 a.m. and 8:11 a.m. trains leaving Penn Station, NYC, to Millburn for the 45-minute trip. The Millburn station is two blocks away from the Locust Grove starting point. Return trains run every hour.

Runners can drop down distances during the race and not be deemed DNF, but will only be counted in the standing for medals if they run the same course at the same time. Specifically, any runner who starts at 8:30 a.m. can drop down from the 50 mile to the 50k distance and be considered for medals. If these runners, complete only 20 miles (E and W loops) their time will be recorded, but they will not be medal eligible. Similarly, a 20-miler who decides to complete only 10 miles can be considered for prizes at the lesser distance. The 5-mile loop is a separate route.

There are aid stations roughly every five miles on the east and west loops. At the stations, we offer electrolyte drinks and water, granola bars, pretzels and snacks. If you have a special request, please let us know; we will do our best.

This an entirely volunteer supported effort, from the race directors to those staffing the aid stations, so any donations in addition to the fee are much appreciated and support the Conservancy's mission. All these trails are maintained by over 5,000 hours of volunteer work each year..

We will have race-day registration available! (You will need to register on your mobile device via UltraSignUp.)

If you want to download the new interactive SMR map on Avenza and know exactly where you are at all times, go to:

Course Description

All races start at the Locust Grove picnic area in Millburn. The runs consist of a 10.5-mile east loop, a 10.2-mile west loop, and a 5-mile E-W loop through the forested 2,110-acre South Mountain Reservation. Following along the valley floor and the two ridges, the course includes long stretches of double-wide gravel roads, technically challenging, meandering single-track hiking trails with roots and rocks, and a short, half-mile stretch of pavement. It is a good combination of level paths, rolling hills, moderate climbs, and a few very steep ascents. The east and west loops total approximately 1,500 feet of ascent. Aid stations positioned approximately every five miles on the east and west loops. More details on our website.

Kids 1 Mile Run

Join us for the third Kids 1-Mile Run at 10 a.m. for children ages 5 to12. One parent or guardian is welcome to accompany their child for this fun run. More details are on our website.


Q: Is race day registration available?
A: YES. You can sign up at the race but will have to do so on your mobile device via UltraSignUp.

Q: What accommodations are available nearby?
A: There are a wide variety of hotels nearby,+nj/@40.7271589,-74.3028829,13z/data=!3m1!4b1. We are not aware of any campsites nearby and you cannot sleep in your vehicle near the start of the race.

Q: What support will be provided?
A: We will provide a very detailed map (the same as the one you can download), course flagging in multiple colors, and ground marking. There will be portable toilets, water, electorlyte drink and snacks at the start/finish area (Locust Grove), the north end of the eastern loop (Turtle Back Picnic Area) , and the north end of the western loop (Mayapple Hill Picnic Area).

Q: Can I get to the start of the race by public transportation?
A: There are 7:11 a.m. and 8:11 a.m.trains from Penn Station, NYC, to Millburn on New Jersey Transit's Morris-Essex Line. The trip takes 45 minutes. The Millburn station is two blocks away from the Locust Grove starting point. (See map on homepage.)

Q: Are there any refunds?
A: No. As a volunteer organization with limited resources, we cannot do this. Nonetheless, all proceeds go to support the Conservancy's mission to maintain the trails and ecology, advocate for the park and run its public programs.

Q: In case of emergency or a problem, what should I do?
A: If it is a medical emergency, call 911 and a race director. There is an ATV usually located at Locust Grove with first aid medics until mid-afternoon. When you register, you also will be asked to provide your cell phone number (which you need to carry) so we can contact you during the race, if necessary, and provide an emergency contact.

Event's current local time: 11:30 AM ET


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