Saturday, Oct 26, 2024

Firewater Ultra

203 East Coast Tellico Parkway

Greenback, TN 100K, 100K- 2 Per Relay, 50K, 50K - 2 Per Relay

Registration closes: Fri, Oct 25 @ 11:59PM ET


The Firewater 100K, 50K, 100K Relay and 50K Relay all take place on the East Lakeshore Trail on the east coast of the Tellico Reservoir. Firewater was the first event to utilize this trail system end-to-end, and this will be the 10th year running! We have The Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservoir (WATeR) to thank for these wonderful, well-maintained, and very runnable trails.

A few years ago we decided to change things up a bit, and everybody loved it so we're keeping it this way. The 100K (the first and currently only 100K trail race in Tennessee!) runs the entire length of the trail out and then back. The 50K will start at the northern end (where the 100K turns around) and run back to the finish line. And, there are relay options: The 50K Relay option, where you and a friend each run half of the 50K course, and the 100K Relay option where you run the whole 50K course in one direction, and your friend runs back to the finish.

We recently added the 'Sunset' option for the 50K: Now you can choose to start at 8:00am (the 'Sunrise' option), or at 3:00pm (the 'Sunset' option) so you can start later in the day and catch the gorgeous sunset over Tellico Lake.

Also, check out the gender-specific quarter-zip shirts (I think we're going with black for this year) (click to see them in all their glory!):


For 2024, the finish line will once again be the southern terminus of the trail, at the Wildcat Pointe Trailhead (#10) - far left on this map:

The 100K course starts at Wildcat Pointe (#10), runs all the way north to the Canal Branch Trailhead (#1) turns around and returns all the way back to the finish line at Wildcat Pointe (#10).

For the 100K Relay, the first runner will start with the 100K runners at 8:00am, and will run to the northern terminus at the Canal Branch Trailhead (#1), then the second runner will run all the way back to Wildcat Pointe (#10) to finish the race.

After the 100K runners take off, The 50K runners will hop in a bus with us and ride to all the way north to the other end at the Canal Branch Trailhead (#1), then race all the way back to the finish at Wildcat Pointe (#10).

The 50K Relay will be slightly different: The first leg will ride the bus up with the solo 50K runners, while the second leg will drive a car to the Sinking Creek Trailhead (#4) -- the first runner will run to your teammate at Sinking Creek, then the second runner will run to the finish line while the first runner drives the car back to the finish line for the celebration.

Race Details

Use this Google document link to get details about aid station locations, distance between aid stations, cutoff times, crew access locations, drop bag locations, and pacer entry locations:
Course Details, Aid Stations, and Cutoff Times

Here's another Google document link to the
2024 Firewater Runners Manual.

Event's current local time: 9:27 AM ET


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