Saturday, Jul 27, 2024 @ 7:00 AM

Alphabet Soup Race

3751 John Tyler Hwy

Williamsburg, VA 7 Hour, 7K Run

Registration closes: Wed, Jul 24 @ 11:59PM ET

Alphabet Soup Race

There might be tears,
There will be sweat,
But at the end,
You get what you get.

What is different about this race?

This race is slightly modeled after a race in Canada called the "Leftovers" race. In this race you will receive a medal (if you complete a minimum of a 7k) and shirt from a previously run Happy Cat Race. Could be any race, I have many shirts and medals accumulating in a spare bedroom in my house. You should smile and be happy with whatever you get, don't be a baby. This race is no frills but I guarantee a memorable, "fun" time! This race was previously called the "Soupy 7", it will still be soupy and you still have the same distance options. The differences are the medals and shirts- no race specific ones this year unless they were leftover from last year and you get lucky!


The trailhead is near the Jamestown High School tennis courts. Any questions feel free to reach out**

This race is a loop course. Each loop is USATF certified 2.215 miles so 14 loops = 50k (see what I did there?). 12 loops will = a marathon or do 6 loops for a half marathon. You can do the math from there. Only full loops will count. The course will be marked with confidence streamers. The surface is a crushed gravel, trail is mainly flat, non technical.

This race is SELF SUPPORTED. What does that mean? That means that YOU bring all of your food, drink and supplies. I am doing this for you, so you can practice having to self support. It might seem mean but it is for your own good. Happy Cat Events tends to spoil runners, but not this time!
That being said, I will have ice and water, but that's it. I will make fun of you if you heavily depend on my ice and water.

It will be hot, real hot. You will need to plan for this. You can create an area for yourself with a tent or whatever, you will pass near your car each lap as well (just to tempt you to leave.) It is all in good fun! What else are you going to do on an July morning in Virginia? Email me if you have specific questions at

Also a 7k...

Also available is a 7k option. This is one "no frills" loop. The 7k will be 2 x 2.25 loops Should be a hot mess of a run!

Event's current local time: 9:11 PM ET


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