Saturday, Oct 26, 2024 @ 8:00 AM

Womp Romp

South Field

Hingham, MA 50K, 10 Miler

Registration closes: Mon, Oct 7 @ 11:59PM ET

We Get To Do This!

We're back for year four!!! We've sold out each year, so we're pushing registration up to 350! We have the 10 mile one loop race and the 50k three loop race again this year. The loop is a nice mixture of single track, wide trails and some pavement. perfect for first time and seasoned trail runners. Three aid stations once again with lots of goodies and healthy options. All paces welcome and encouraged. A generous 9 hour cut off for the 50k


Long sleeve tech t-shirt to all participants, register by 9/25/2024 to guarantee shirt size. 10 miler finishers will receive a Womp Romp Patch. 50k finishers will receive a finisher mug.

Awards - Top 3 overall for all genders. In addition top age group finisher for each gender.

Bring Food

Once again we are asking for runners to bring food or beverage to help stock our aid stations. We had great participation last year and donated the extra food to Safe Harbor, a great resource that focuses on reducing underage substance use and addiction. Please bring one of the following to packet pick up
Savory - Chips, pickles, potatoes & salt....
Sweet - Candy, baked goods, PB, fruit, Gu.....
Liquid - Coke or Ginger Ale only, please

Your donations allow us to give more to our charity partners

Why are we doing this

We have been running in Wompatuck State Park for years, even more so during the pandemic. Often during runs we would say "someone should put on a race." Instead of waiting for someone, we decided to do it ourselves. Wompatuck is an amazing park with great trails and we want more people to know about it so they can enjoy it. All profits will be donated to our charity partners. Current partners
Friends of Wompatuck
Free to Run

About Friends of Wompatuck

The Friends of Wompatuck State Park (FOW), an all volunteer, not for profit group, was incorporated in early 2006 for the purpose of educating the public about the park's uses and historical value, as well as helping the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation preserve, maintain, and enhance the assets, history, and other features within the park. For more information

About Wompatuck

Wompatuck State Park is located in Hingham, MA - just 35 minutes from downtown Boston. Rich in history, this land was originally the property of Indian chief Josiah Wompatuck who deeded the land to English Settlers in 1665. During WWII and the Korean War, it served as an ammunitions depot for the U.S. military. Today, it is a 3,526 acre park that extends from Hingham into the neighboring towns of Cohasset, Scituate, and Norwell.

About Free to Run

Free to Run’s mission is to drive change in community gender norms in conflict areas by supporting adolescent girls and young women to advance their leadership and wellness through running. We do this through providing deep, progressive leadership and wellbeing programs in conjunction with running experiences - typically to refugees, internally displaced people and girls’ and women who identify as ethnic minorities. While we work closely with communities and individuals, we are working towards a systematic shift in gender equality with a specific focus on the expansion of access to public space and leadership opportunities for girls and women.

About FootPrints

Footprints is a registered 501c(3) U.S. non-profit that exists as an incubator for climate action.

Last Years Sponsors - Contact us to be part of 2024!

Gold Sponsors

  • Arbella Insurance: A heartfelt thank you for your generous support. Arbella Insurance is committed to providing insurance services and protecting what matters most to individuals and families.
  • Red Lion Inn: Your gold-level sponsorship has been a significant contribution to making our event a success. Red Lion Inn is a renowned historic inn offering comfortable accommodations and dining experiences.

    Silver Sponsors

  • Cohasset Waverunners: Your support as a silver sponsor is greatly appreciated.
  • Fiduciary Trust: We are deeply grateful for your silver-level sponsorship. Fiduciary Trust is dedicated to wealth management and trust services.
  • TA Fitness: Thank you for your silver-level support. TA Fitness is a fitness and wellness center dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health goals.
  • Locales Tacos: Your silver sponsorship has added flavor to our event. Locales Tacos is a local restaurant known for its delicious tacos.
  • Seabird Coffee: Your silver-level support has energized our event. Seabird Coffee offers a delightful coffee experience.

    Bronze Sponsors

  • Anderson Fuel: Thank you for being a bronze sponsor. Anderson Fuel provides heating and cooling services for homes and businesses.
  • Freetrail: We appreciate your bronze-level support. Freetrail is a media network that includes podcasts, film production, and written publishing for trail enthusiasts.
  • Hingham Institute for Savings: Your bronze-level sponsorship has enriched our event and community. Hingham Institute for Savings is a local bank supporting grassroots events.
  • Lenny's: Thank you for your bronze-level support. Lenny's is known for its flavorful offerings.
  • Madbury Road: Your bronze-level sponsorship has added comfort to our event. Madbury Road provides outdoor furniture.
  • Move Free: Your bronze-level support, inspired by local ultra runner Patrick Caron, has been a significant boost to our event. Move Free offers running hats, sweatshirts, and buffs.
  • Squirrels Nut Butter: Thank you for your bronze-level support. Squirrels Nut Butter offers skin protection products for athletes.
  • Forward Motion Run Coaching: Your support as a supporter has been a valuable addition to our event. Forward Motion Run Coaching offers coaching services for runners.

  • We are grateful for the commitment and generosity of all our sponsors, as they have played a crucial role in making our event a success. Thank you for being part of our journey!

    FAQs 2023 -last years info, will update soon

    When is the race? Saturday October 26 at 50K at 8:00 AM, 10 Mile at 8:20 AM
    What is the course? The 10 mile is one loop, the 50k is three loops plus a mile
    What should I bring? Besides the obvious like sneakers and clothes, please bring something to carry fluid: this is a cupless race so a hand-held or collapsible cup. If you could bring some food to share, that would be awesome too. Details above.
    Can I leave a drop bag? For those running the 50k you will pass the start area to begin loops 2 and 3 (miles 10.5, 21), so you can retrieve items from your bag, car, tent whatever you want.
    Can I set up a tent? sure
    Can I build a campfire? no
    When is packet pick up? Friday October 20 4pm-7pm visitors center Wompatuck State Park; Saturday starting 7:00 AM at race site
    How do I get there? Set your GPS to Wompatuck State Park Vistor Center and continue on for two miles to signs that tell you to turn right for the Womp Romp and then follow signs another mile to South Field.
    Can I park at the Vistor’s Center? Sure, but you will have a three-mile hike to the start, so leave plenty of time.
    How long does it take to get from the Visitor’s Center to South Field? 15 minutes DRIVING, One hour walking.
    What’s the cutoff?? 9 Hours (5 PM) you can do this! 50k runners must leave for their final loop by 2pm!!
    Where does all the money you collect go? Race fees are used to buy or rent things to put on the race, those lovely blue porta-potties are not cheap. No one involved in the race is paid in any way, everyone from Race Directors to the people handing you water are 100% volunteers. Any extra money is given to our charity partners.
    Who are your charity partners? This year we welcome back Friends of Wompatuck who help keep the trails you run the race on in great shape. We have also added Free to Run, which helps girls and women engage in outdoor activity in conflict-affected regions.
    Will there be mud?? Yes
    Is the trail paved? 2 miles per loop paved (each loop is 10ish miles)
    Will the trail be marked? Yes we have purchased 300 pink flags to be put in the ground plus a few hundred more arrows. We will make it very hard for you to get lost. If you try really really hard, you will be able to get lost, but if you can follow arrows and pink flags you should be fine.
    You mentioned porta-potties? We will have the typical beautiful blue porta-potties at the start and there are bathrooms at the visitor’s center at mile 6. For those doing the 50k, you will return to the start to begin loops 2 and 3. You will pass the visitor's center at miles (6, 16.5, 27)
    Where are the aid stations? At the start finish area (bathrooms); mile 3.141592 (no bathroom) and mile 6 (bathrooms). For those doing the 50k, you are doing three loops so you will pass all the same aid stations each loop, we promise not to move them.
    What will be at the aid stations? Water, Gnarly tropical drink (Vegan and Caffeine free), Halloween candy, mini cliff bars, and some random flavors of GU. Plus whatever you guys bring.
    What will not be at the aid stations? cups? it’s a thing trail race people do to avoid having thousands of cups strewn around the park.
    What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything? 42


    10 miler: $50
    50k: $70
    We will not be issuing refunds or deferrals. Please think of your registration fee as a donation if you cannot make the race.
    Fees will go up after Pi Day (3/14/2024) to $60 and $80 so register early!!!

    Event's current local time: 5:03 AM ET


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