Saturday, Mar 23, 2013

24 Hours of Utah

Monitor and Merrimac Trail

Moab, UT 100 Miler, 24hrs, 12hrs, 6hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 23, 2013


Experience the beautiful desert landscape of Moab, Utah while testing your own personal limits. From the immense canyons with 1000 foot walls to the beautiful La Sal mountains the town of Moab lies in the midst of it all. Photographers and artists flock to this area for it's natural beauty while endurance athletes are drawn to the relatively easy access to the remote locations. With an average high of 68 F and an average low of 38 F this is a truly amazing location for a 100 mile race.

This year's race will be run on the beautiful Monitor and Merrimac trail 16 miles north of Moab. Racers will run 6 mile laps and approximately 7000' of climbing for the entire 100 miles. This race allows 30 hours to finish. All runners who do not complete the course in the allotted time will automatically be entered into the 24 Hours of Utah...the Run solo category and will be given an official distance. Hot food will be available during the cool night and there will be an umanned water station approximately halfway through the loop to help runners enjoy the rugged trails and view the beautiful canyons below. This is one of the most family friendly 100 mile races around. Located approximately 20 minutes from town, family and friends are able to support their racer every hour or go into town for a break and visit many of the sites Moab has to offer.

Local time: 4:27 PM

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