August 22 - 25, 2014

MadAthlete Emerald Necklace 3-Day Stage Race

204 Main St.

Andover, NH Solo, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, 2-Person Teams

This Event Took Place Mon. Aug 25, 2014


The MadAthlete Emerald Necklace 3-Day Stage Race is a challenging 80-mile race with approximately 13,500 feet of elevation gain that includes very technical single-track, steep climbs & descents, double track, fire roads, dirt/gravel roads & pavement. It is a tough course, but our completion rate is extremely high. Generous cut-offs and a very supportive family environment help determined hikers to make it through successfully. We have also reduced the price to make the race financially accessible to more people.

As colorful Alaskan Karl Hansen put it, "I absolutely believe this race CAN BE COMPLETED by anybody who has a decent aerobic base and can WALK/HIKE and/or run!! Register for this event and you won't be disappointed and you may just surprise yourself!!"

The race predominantly follows a gem of a 75-mile loop of hiking trails, surrounding Lake Sunapee in Western/Central, NH called the SRKG Greenway (Sunapee Ragged Kearsage Greenway or Emerald Necklace). It also uses a 2 mile section of the Northern Rail Trail to access the SRKG trail from the Start line and the same 2 mile stretch to reach the Finish (the only time you will go over the same trail twice).

Competitors will complete point-to-point trail of approximately 25.3 miles in Stage 1 (summiting Mt. Ragged & Mt. Kearsarge), 22.7 miles in Stage 2 (summiting Mt. Sunapee) and 31.5 miles in Stage 3.

The course is great, but the stage format and support from the race organization is what we've been told makes this event special/unique. We really try hard to create a family atmosphere and be as supportive as we can to the racers. It's our goal to know all the racers' names (without help) by the Day 1 race start. The RD is out running much of the course each day...providing encouragement/comedic relief and taken pictures (he covered 50-miles of the course in 2015). The Camp Manager ensures a welcoming retreat after the day's, ice baths, food, etc. There is a detailed course briefing (with s'mores - weather permitting) each night in which meaningful experiences from the day are also shared. We gave away or raffled off prizes worth well over $5000 including a "Dunk for Denning" contest in which racers had the chance to dunk the RD or challenge other racers to raise money and earn prizes. Kids even got in the act. And if you're lucky, a loopy, sleep deprived, but amped up RD might go a bit crazy and dance & rant for all before Stage 3.

Race Headquarters & Overnight Camping for the event will be at Sunapee Middle High School with access bathrooms, the gym and electricity. At the end of the first two stages, spend your free time recovering from the grueling day ahead and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow competitors, family, and friends.

As mentioned, this will be a tough race and more adventurous than your typical ultra. The course can be tough to follow at times as some of it is lightly traveled but we added over 1000 new markers last year and will add more for 2016..enough so that individual section Maps will no longer be required gear (just the overall loop map & course descriptions). There is still a greater likelihood than most ultras that you will go off trail if you aren't paying close attention. It can be very technical and rocky. Footing can be difficult even without wet and muddy trails....makes for all good fun.

The 2016 event will again serve as a fundraiser for the Chad Denning Memorial Fund. Chad was the visionary and Race Director of this event who tragically died just two weeks after the 2014 event.

For those wanting a different type of challenge and an intimate race experience..., we look forward to seeing you in August, 2016.

Race Itinerary

* Who: Solo (no longer a Team Option)
* When: Event check-in is 4:30pm - 7:30pm Thursday, August 11th, 2016 at Whipple Town Hall in New London, NH (429 Main St, New London, NH 03257)
* Race Start: 7:00am Friday, August 12, 2016
* Race End: 7:00 pm Sunday, August 14, 2016
* Time Limit Each Day: 12 hours
* Parking: You can leave your cars at the Start/Potter Place for the duration of the event

STAGE 1 (25.3 miles) - Friday, August 12, 2016:
* Race Start Location: Potter Place Railroad Station at Potter Place, Andover, NH (Depot Street, Andover, NH 03216)
* 6:00-6:30am: Competitor Check-In
* 6:30am – Deadline for Duffel Bags to be loaded onto truck for transport to overnight location. Each competitor will be allowed up to one 90 Liter Duffel Bag. Please limit weight to less than 40 lbs.
* 6:30am –Deadline for Stage Drop Bags to be placed in designated location
* 7:00am - RACE START - Competitors will ascend Ragged and Kearsarge Mountains to Finish Line at Sutton Field in Wadleigh State Park. Racers will be shuttled back to Race Camp at Sunapee Middle High School afterwards.
* 7:00pm – 1st day cutoff at Sutton Field (78 Wadleigh State Park)

STAGE 2 (22.7 miles) - Saturday, August 13, 2016
* 6:15-6:30am: Competitor Check-In (Note: Competitors must sleep overnight in the accommodations provided by the race)
* 6:15am –Deadline for Stage & Finish Line Drop Bags to be placed in designated location
* 6:30am - Shuttle to Race Start at Sutton Field
7:15am - RACE START - Sutton Field, Wadleigh State Park, competitors will travel approx. 22.7 miles on the SRKG trail up and over Mt. Sunapee to overnight location at Sunapee Middle High School
* 7:00pm – 2nd day cutoff at Sunapee Middle High School (10 North Rd, Sunapee, NH 03782)

STAGE 3 (31.5 miles) - Sunday, August 14, 2016
* 6:15-6:30am: Competitor Check-In (Note: Competitors must sleep overnight in the accommodations provided by the race)
* 6:30am – Deadline for Duffel Bags to be loaded onto truck for transport to Race Finish
* 6:30am –Deadline for Stage Drop Bags to be placed in designated location
* 7:00am - RACE START - From the Sunapee Middle/High School, race approx. 31.5 miles along the SRKG trail to the Northern Rail Trail to designated Finish line at Potter Place Railroad Station in Andover, NH.
* 7:00pm - END OF RACE - Potter Place Railroad Station, Andover, NH (Depot Street, Andover, NH 03216)

Mandatory & Recommended Gear

Given the rigors and format of this event, EACH COMPETITOR will be required to carry a small amount of gear at all times. This is subject to change depending on race conditions.

* Cell phone (one can generally find cell phone coverage on this course – text message is the most reliable) - this is to be used only for the purposes of contacting race staff in the event of an emergency
* Hydration Pack sufficient to carry all mandatory gear
* Hydration Reservoir or Bottle capacity to carry a minimum of 70 oz of fluids
* Reusable cup
* Waterproof Jacket - a fully waterproof, fully seam sealed (seams must be covered in waterproofing tape). Windbreaker or water resistant jackets are NOT acceptable
* Course Maps/Descriptions – PROVIDED BY RACE (section trail maps no longer required)
* Map Case – waterproof preferred but Gallon Size Ziploc is acceptable
* Compass - as a safety precaution should you lose the trail. Watch or Phone Compasses meet the requirement
* Emergency Whistle – Backpack whistles are not preferred but will be accepted
* 15 Electrolyte Tablets like Saltstick or Hammer Endurolytes or 6 servings of Electrolyte Replacement Powder like Powerbar Endurance or Hammer HEED. ONLY 5 tablets or 2 servings of Powder are required PER DAY
* Water Purification (Chlorine Dioxide, Iodine, Filter or UV) - remember, there is only 1 aid station per stage and 1 water drop and many will need to refill at streams
* Medical Kit / Blister Kit to include a minimum of:
- 5 Alcohol Wipes
- 2 Safety Pins or 1 Hypodermic Needle
- 1 Roll of Elastic Tape (e.g.. Kinesio) – minimum of 1 inch wide x3 ft long
- 4 Second Skin or Compede pads
- 1 Compression Bandage - minimum size is 3 inches wide x 14 ft long

* Trekking Poles (for the hikers)
* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen
* Lip Sunscreen
* Insect Repellant
* Sleeping Bag
* Sleeping Pad
* Tent – unless choosing to sleep on Gym Floor
* Camp Towel
* Camp Chair
* Eye Shades –if sleeping in Gym
* Ear Plugs
* Headlamp – for nighttime use
* Short Sleeve Technical Shirts (2-3)
* Shorts (1-2 pair)
* Trail Running Shoes – preferably with good treads for technical terrain
* Flip-Flops for around camp
* Socks (3-4 pair) – fresh pair recommended for each stage
* Compression Socks
* Running Cap - to protect against the sun
* GPS Watch
* Camera
* Gaiters
* Food - race fuel, breakfast, snacks, dinner (Breakfast/Dinner package can be purchased separately). There will be food provided at the end of each Stage (like pasta, pizza, subs, fruit, etc.) with a bigger spread at the end of Stage 3
* Utensils / Eating Cup (if providing own food)
*Recovery Drink like Endurox R4

What is Included in the Registration Fee

* Camping at Sunapee Middle High School the night BEFORE the Race (NOT required) - if sleeping there Thursday night, racers are still responsible for their own transportation to the start line (you can leave your gear/tents at the school, however)
* Overnight Accommodations at Sunapee Middle High School during the race (bring own Tent or sleep on gym floor
* Course Maps
* Camp Kitchen with double burner Coleman stoves (ready to go), pots and pans, large utensils, water, prep tables and a dishwashing station. You will need to provide your food, dishes and personal utensils. One microwaves & one toaster oven will also be available for your use
* Technical Race Shirt
* Incredible Swag / Nightly Raffles - we gave away at least $5000 in gear in 2016
* Fully Stocked Aid Stations - 1 in Stage 1, 1 in Stage 2, 1 full & 1 partial in Stage 3...and 1 water drop per Stage
* Kiddie pools with ice after each Stage
* S'mores cooked around a communal fire pit (weather permitting)
* Camp Showers at Finish Line provided by NEMO Equipment(NEW)
* Post-Race Food immediately following each Stage
* Post Race Celebration with Food & BEER
* Unique Awards for top 3 Men & Women in each category
* Stainless Steel Pint Glass with EN Logo or other prize
* Lots of encouragement and support
* Access to Race Photos via Flicker (no charge)
* OPPORTUNITY FOR A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE (yes, we heard this repeated many times after the race)

Rules & Regulations

We understand that despite the intent, plans change, injuries happen, etc. Our cancellation policy is extremely generous compared to most organizations (and made more generous this year) to help with these situations. However, we also plan and incur costs based on registrations so late cancellations in particular are very challenging if refunds were granted. Please recognize this and do not ask for special consideration. If notice of cancellation is received 45 days or more before the event, Racers will receive a refund of the total fees paid less US$75. NO REFUNDS will be granted for cancellations received less than 45 days before the event. BUT we will offer a credit of $75 to a future event (if one occurs). Service Fees assessed directly by Ultrasignup are NOT refundable.

To protect the intimate, family atmosphere of the event, we are cutting the registration cap to only 75 racers (with an allowance of up to an additional 5 spots for Race Veterans). We really want to get to know everybody.

This is a limited support event. Competitors must carry enough food and electrolytes to be self-sufficient for each stage. We will have a midway CP each day to symbolize the half-way point of the stage and to provide, water, food and first aid. Stage 3 has one minimal aid station and one fully stocked aid station. There will also be one water drop per stage

Each competitor will be allowed one 90-Liter duffel bag that we will transport from the Start of the race to Camp Headquarters and back to the Finish at the end of the event. The duffel bag should include additional food, electrolytes, clothes, sleeping bag and other items you will need during the course of the event

We encourage family & friends to gather at the end of each stage to cheer you on and hang-out during the day. We will identify a few other locations that family & friends can cheer you on during the stage. Please note: there is NO OUTSIDE support allowed during each stage.

There will be an option to purchase access to a Breakfast and Dinner Package (vegetarian options available) – the cost will again be $55 for 2 breakfasts (Saturday & Sunday mornings) and 2 dinners (Friday & Saturday). Most racers took advantage of this package. We expect to have a similar menu.

Menu Breakfast 5:30 – 6:30am
* Bagels w/ Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter or Butter
* Fresh Fruit
* Oatmeal Bar with Granola, Dried Fruit, Brown Sugar, Maple
* Greek Yogurt
* Hard-Boiled Egg
* Coffee, Juices, Water

Menu Dinner 6:00pm – 7:00pm
* Mixed Green Salad and Dressings
* Rice Bowls with Beans, Lentils, Meats, Tofu, Vegetables, heat with a Broth
* Different Sauce Flavors – Soy, Teriyaki,
* Fresh Fruit
* Brownies
* Water

Race Staff

Race Director
Tom Flummerfelt is the founder and President of Tom currently holds the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the 75-mile SRKG Loop (the course of the Emerald Necklace) with a time of 17:44. Tom is a veteran stage racer which includes a 3rd place finish at the 2013 Racing the Planet Iceland 250km, 7-day Stage Race. His ultra results include 9th at the 2015 Rio del Lago 100-miler, 6th at the 2014 Zion 100, 10th at the 2012 Vermont 100, 1st at the 2013 Table Rock 50k, 4th at the 2014 San Diego 50, 6th at the 2013 Gold Rush 100k and 6th at the 2013 Avalon 50-Miler.

Race Director (in Spirit)
Chad Denning was the visionary and original RD for the event. Chad tragically passed away only 2 weeks after our 2014 Stage Race and was greatly looking forward to the 2015 event. The 2016 race will again be held in Chad’s honor and the net proceeds will go to the Chad Denning Memorial Fund.

Camp Manager/Volunteer Coordinator - Mike Sarnowski

Aid Station Captain - Dave & Laurie Albert

Medical Directors - Dr. Don Eberly & Miriam Dowling


"My knee aches, my stomach is still queasy, and my feet are killing me, but I'd sign up for the race again in a heartbeat. This novice trail runner is forever grateful to you, the rest of the race staff and volunteers, and my fellow racers for an amazing experience." Erika G.

" You guys put on an awesome show! The whole thing. It meant a lot to go back there and get on the trails again. You did not disappoint!! Ya I may run quick but you all never stopped moving. What an ordeal to orchestrate. Kudos, high fives, hugs and hand shakes all around! Future adventure race?" John B.

" After a couple of days to let everything sink in I wanted to email you to thank you and your crew for putting on such an amazing race experience. We really didn't know what to expect with a race of this format, distance, or level of difficulty. We also weren't sure about the camping and interacting all weekend with the other athletes. Seeing the enthusiasm you and the rest of the veteran athletes and volunteers had for the event made it impossible not to have a good time & really want to do my best out there each day. We both really appreciated the small race atmosphere and personal touches every day." Greg S.

"This is one of those weekends that I will remember...and have to recover from the high. Even though I didn't run, there's really nothing like an ultra event and the people that are part of it. Thanks for an inspiring weekend" Jennifer

* "This year was entirely it's own event and I can honestly say every bit as incredible of an experience. You were both cheerleaders, coaches, leaders. You guys went above and beyond to create an atmosphere of community, adventure, and most of all FUN." Rosanna D.

" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for all your work and sacrifice! Emerald Necklace is an incredible experience. I'm so grateful to you guys and your amazing efforts that make it possible." Elizabeth S.

* "Thank you for an awesome event. Your passion for this race, the trails and running is inspiring. Hope to be back next year with others from our running group." Kathi L.

Event's current local time: 3:19 AM ET


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